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A Monster Hunter virgin just killed an Anjanath… As in me, I just did. Early game too.

MonsterHunterWorld10 - A Monster Hunter virgin just killed an Anjanath... As in me, I just did. Early game too.

It was crazy. I am only rank 3, just killed the poison bird thing for the story mission. Then I decided I liked its armor, and decided to make the whole set, so I was just retaking the bounty mission over and over. Then the damn Rex got in my way for the last time, I was getting sick of it always showing up and me always having to run away or die. So I fought back instead of killing the bird, and did pretty well… But got 3 knockouts from it, and failed the mission. So I went and ate some defense and HP boosting food, made sure I FULLY understood my moveset, and went hunting for the bird again with full expectations of Rexy showing up as it always does. So of course it showed up again.

The next half hour was the craziest half hour I've had in a game in a while. I chased that thing all over the damn forest, constantly having to closely watch my health because on bad hit could pretty much instant kill me if I was missing even 15% of my health. Shit got even crazier when… Well, THIS, actually fucking happened in-game.

monster hunter world reveal artwork 3 1039822 - A Monster Hunter virgin just killed an Anjanath... As in me, I just did. Early game too.

A mother frucking wyvern comes out of no where and starts attacking both of us. Then the Rex manages to piss it off while I am staying at a distance avoiding this battle of titans… Well, okay, at one point I jumped off a ledge and jumped onto the wyvern's back while it was distracted to let the Rex get some hits in while I downed it. But then Rex switched back to me after wyvern went down, so that went to waste since I was stuck avoiding it while the wyvern was defenseless. Then the wyvern gets pissed and does a sodding fire blast right at the Rex, hitting it so hard that it not only staggered, it bloody fell over, at which point the wyvern started biting it while it writhed on the ground. Once it got back up, Rexy decided it had enough of this shit and took off running out of there, to which I followed both to continue the fight and to get the hell away from the wyvern myself too.

So anyway, skipping past the typical "dodge and hit back" parts of the fight that aren't worth describing (well there is one part worth it, at one point Rexy SOMEHOW managed to get half of its body stuck in the ground after a failed attempt to bite me, which let me get in some free hits), wyvern somehow showed up AGAIN, but didn't get to do much since both of us took off the moment it showed up that time, we both learned to cut and run when it comes along. Anyway, it finally begins limping, and runs back to its nest. And falls asleep 8 feet from me once it arrives. Obviously, I smacked him in the head a few times as a wakeup call. And then nearly died again (I actually had been knocked out earlier, not long after that part where it got stuck in the ground), because the thing managed to hit me with a very strong sting of attacks that caught me totally off guard.


But no matter, I finally brought down the beast. And felt amazing, after having gone so long just dreading this species whenever it showed up, and here I finally killed it. All solo too, I don't have PS+, only my cat friend and his lizard mount were there to help me.

Funny thing. When I was finally killing the bird again after the Rex battle, which had still been my mission the entire time, guess who shows up? Wyvern again. But he then killed a large animal and began eating it, giving me time to continue fighting the bird. But then, it finishes, and is clearly about to do a very powerful charge attack dive (I'd seen enough of it by then to recognize what move it was about to do). But at that moment, I kill the bird, ending my mission, which made the wyvern immediately break off its charge and flew right over me and out of sight. If I'd been just 5 seconds slower, that likely would have hit me and gave me a second knockout. Finishing the mission when I did saved me.

So I killed it with early armor, a bone weapon level 3, and all the potions I could make in the field while fighting it. Not bad for a noob, I should think. For the record, my main weapon is definitely now the Switch Axe. Started with insect glaive because I liked its jumping and agility, but I eventually realized its damage output was just too lacking. Tried longsword, and didn't like how it needs long strings of combos where you're vulnerable to keep its full damage output going. Charge blade's secondary form was just too slow and clunky for me. But switch axe is great, lots of knockback, very good range, very fast switch on its form change, both forms are pretty quick for their damage, I get a true roll for dodging instead of little dashes, and its gimmick was way easier to manage than the other weapon's were. Just switch to blade when the gauge fills itself up, use it until its out, use your big discharge attack whenever you see a safe opening. Its definitely the weapon that works for me, and I could not have killed the creature I did at this point in the game with any other weapon.

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