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A New Hunter’s Guide to Co-op Etiquette

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There are a lot of new players coming in with world – which is great! And considering the PC release drops in a few days, I thought it might be more worthwhile than ever to give some new hunters a rundown of things that, while not immediately obvious, are generally expected of you when hunting with others. Hopefully this might help cut down on some frustration!

Please also not I'm not super caught up on MHW since I haven't played it yet, but I'm using the best info I have and experience with past games. If I'm missing anything important or have accidentally gotten something wrong please let me know!!

Sleeping Monsters

If a monster has fallen asleep, let the heaviest hitting hunter wake it up! If you have a GS user, let them wake it up. If you do not, it generally goes in order of Hammer > Charge Blade > Switch Axe. A sleeping monster gets a damage multiplier by the hit that wakes it up, so a single heavy-hitting attack will do more damage than your daemon dance or dragon piercer ever will. It's also considered smart to place a bunch of bombs around a sleeping monster before hand. And if you are the GS/H/SA/CB user? IT IS YOUR JOB TO WAKE UP THE MONSTER!! If you can't land a true charge on GS, use a lv3 charge. Everything thing else should be woken up with the highest-damage single attack you can do. And if you're a real bro, give everyone a minute to sharped and heal up before you wake up the monster – it's not going anywhere.


Don't Trip Your Teammates

Your weapons can trip monsters – but they can also trip other players. This is especially prevalent with people using DBs, LS, or pellet-shot on ranged weapons (?). Be careful where you're swinging. That attack you tripped someone with to get in more damage will never outdo the damage that would've been possible if you'd have stepped to the side and let both of you wack at it.

Let Hammers Hit the Head

Blunt damage is best used on the head of the monster. Cutting damage is best used on things that can be cut. If you're a blademaster, for the love of Rathalos let your Hammerbros and Dootbros have the head. Likewise; if you do blunt damage you should let your cutting partners sever the tail.

Little Notes

The last one is just for little notes that might not be super obvious. So here we go!

  • Traps do not work on Elder Dragons, you cannot capture them.
  • Flashing Luna sends her straight into a Nova. Probably don't do that. (MHW)
  • Both mounts and status effects have diminishing returns as far as downtime goes. Use them wisely.
  • Breaking Kulve's horns end the hunt. Consider putting in time to break everything else first for better rewards! (MHW)

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