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A pure Dooter Support build very good for Arch Vaal SoS Random Groups

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So I've beaten Arch Vaal Solo (used wide 4 gun lance) and have done very well in SoS groups after deciding to switch to a pure support dooter build for SoS random Arch Vaal groups (who says there isn't a need for a pure support toon?). The motivation came from watching SoS randoms get melted from Vaal's gas attack, causing a lot of frustration. Consequently, I built a pure "keep my teammates alive and buffed" build and have beat Arch Vaal a couple times in a row with SoS randoms. Pretty happy that Arch Vaal is gonna be an easy farm for tickets and stream stones with this build.


Gear: Empress Crown, Blossom Vest, Empress Vambraces, Empress Coil, Empress Greaves, Miasma Charm (the Blossom Vest not optimal so still need to tinker – was using gear I already had).

Decos: vitality x1, Friendship x3, Gobbler x2, Medicine 2, Jumping x1, Maintenace x1 (pretty easy to acquire all these decos).

The Horn: Desolution Overture: (Health Rec (s), Affinity Up and Health Rec (s), Earplugs (L) (Nergi horn)

The Skills:

Luna Favor (increase stamina cap) and Minds Eye Ballistics

Wide Range 5 (max)

Health Boost 3 (max)

Recovery Up 3 (max)

Evade Extender 3 (Max)

Speed Eating 3 (Max)

Effluvia Resistance 3 (Max)

Tools specialist 3 (Max)

Quick Sheath 1


It is really hard to have a teammate cart to Arch Vaal if you are concentrating primarily on keeping teammates buffed and healed. Before entering the fight get Earplugs locked and loaded , pop your temporal mantle, and get Earplugs for everyone with an encore. Lay down the health booster which is pretty important to help teammates deal with the gas chip damage. Play affinity and health rec to give everyone an affinity boost and health. Rinse and repeat, and tool specialist will get you your temporal and health booster quickly.


Evade 3 allows you to pretty easily dodge or get out of the way of Vaal's moves (flank him). Earplugs will keep up DPS and give your guys a chance to evade after a roar. Gobbler incredibly helpful as you won't get chipped due to a slow potion take (and heal quickly), and of course with Wide 5 you will heal your entire team every time you pop a health potion.

No, you don't want to stay in a corner as a dooter, but focus on staying alive and keeping your teammates alive. The earplugs and lowering the need of your teammates to heal themselves with your heals will increase your groups DPS to overcome your conservative approach. Bring honey and herbs to craft health pots, and even a farecaster to get back to camp to stock up if necessary if you are in a long fight with teammates that are requiring a lot of pot heals.

Last fight I had 170 buffs in a 20 minute kill (little more than I wanted but we had one guy in over his head who carted twice so I had to heal constantly to keep his ass alive). Hav beaten him in 15 minutes with SoS so not a big drain on group DPS if you are conservative as the Dooter (as long as you are keeping teammates fully healed so they feel confident to focus on damage).

If you are a dooter you'll be able to consistently and fairly easily take down Arch Vaal with randoms with this build IMHO. I'll need to tinker with the armor choices as I'm using lvl 1 decos in lvl 2 and 3 slots. Just wanted something quick and dirty.

Good luck.

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