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A Really, Really Big List Documenting a Whole Lot of Wyverian Rituals

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - A Really, Really Big List Documenting a Whole Lot of Wyverian Rituals

So, I'm an optimizer. It's kind of bad. I've spent a lot of time sniping the Melder, and since minute one I have documented every single result I've gotten. I figure it would be worth someone's time to see that list, that maybe someone might be able to glean something from my info dump. I'm on PS4 if that ever matters, in North America.

If there is ever an entry that says, "???," that is because I am an id*ot and either forgot it before I recorded it, or was mashing X too hard without looking at the screen. Yeah. Oops. Anyway, without further ado, here is that infodump.

~~~ 3/1/18 Melding List ~~~

Physique, Intimidator, Palico Rally
Wind Resist, Venom, Venom
Wind Resist, Venom, Water Resist
Sheath, Resistor, Gobbler
Ice Res, KO, Wide Range
Slider, Bombardier, Water Atk
Footing, Resistor, Jumping
Friendship, Venom, Steadfast
Wind Res, Antidote, Friendship
Enduring, Stone Thrower, ???
Expert, Defense, Stonethrower
Vitality, Stonethrower, Vitality
Blaze, Bomber, Blastcoat
???, ???, ???
Steadfast, Gobbler, Spread
Sheath, Poisoncoat, Gobbler
Bomber, Frost, Resistor
Water Res, Spread, KO
Smoke, Stream, Drain
Antiblast, Friendship, Venom
Friendship, Sonorous, Friendship
Deflock, Steadfast, Foritude
Sonorous, Friendship, Brace
Earplug, Enduring, ???
Steadfast, Vit, Vit
Deflock, Grinder, Enduring
Smoke, Defense, Frost
Poisoncoat, Geology, Vit
Slider, Enduring, Enduring
Scent, Blaze, Evasion
Flight, Stonethrower, Venom
Poisoncoat Vitality, Blastcoat
Stonethrower, Resistor, Enduring
Sonorous, Throttle, Footing
Venom, Slider, Gobbler
Tenderizer, Resistor, Earplug
Poisoncoat, Medicine, Earplug
Physique, Grinder, Gobbler

~~~ 3/1/18 Melding List (the next morning) ~~~

Physique, Grinder, Gobbler
Vitality, Water Res, Resistor
Footing, Blaze, Defense
Footing, Blaze, Defense
Resistor, KO, KO
Footing, MIGHTY BOW, Bomber
Dragon, Venom, Expert
Elementless, Footing, Resistor
Fire Res, Miasma, Dragon
Stream, Antipara, Elementless
Blaze, Blaze, Medicine
Bolt, Poisoncoat, Antiblast
Miasma, Geology, Slider
Resistor, Defense, Blaze
Gobbler, Steadfast, Drain
Grinder, Wind Resist, Friendship
Antiblast, Stream, Earplug
Deflock, Friendship, Protection
Brace, Stonethrower, Tenderizer
Potential, Recovery, Grinder
Dragon, Footing, Fire Res
Earplug, Slider, Vitality
Bolt, Windres, Defense
Medicine, Gobbler, Vitality
Resistor, Gobbler, Gobbler
Vitality, Gobbler, Bomber
Bolt, Grinder, Enduring
Brace, Miasma, Poisoncoat
Antipara, Brace, Defense
Flawless, Poisoncoat, Deflock
Footing, Brace, Steadfast
Suture, Poisoncoat, Steadfast
Steadfast, Poisoncoat, Poisoncoat
Frost, Friendship, Blaze
Stream, Footing, Draw
???, Sonorous, Footing
Drain, Vitality, Medicine
Antidote, Release, Nonelemental
Throttle, Dragon, Sonorous
Ice Res, Poisoncoat, Specimen
Recovery, Drain, Botany
Footing, KO, Gobbler
Steadfast, Antiblast, Heavy Artillery
Drain, Enduring, Flawless
Expert, Physique, Grinder
Steadfast, Brace, Smoke
Jumping, Evasion, Gobbler
Dragon, Potential, Brace
Gobbler, Steadfast, Elementless
Earplug, Elementless, KO
Friendship, ???, ???

~~~ 3/2/18 Melding List ~~~

Brace, Fire Res, Challenger
Defense, Brace, Stream
Enduring, Antidote, Medicine
Slider, Tenderizer, Drain
Resistor, Dragon, KO
Grinder, Enduring, Smoke
Defense, Pep, Grinder
Drain, Footing, Venom
Medicine, Dragon, Pierce
Stonethrower, Brace, Friendship
Dragon, Poisoncoat, Wind Resist
Steadfast, Gobbler, Earplugs
Poisoncoat, Paralyzer, Sheath
Footing, Bomber, Ironwall
Footing, Friendship, Poisoncoat
Gobbler, Gobbler, Bomber
Stream, Gobbler, ???

~~~ 3/5/18 Melding List ~~~

Enduring, Sonorous, Resistor
Footing, Hungerless, Frost
Potential, KO, Medicine
2>Pop, Gobbler, Tenderizer
Wind Resist, Footing, Enduring
Expert, Bolt, Footing
Crisis, Stream, Pep
Enduring, Steadfast, Bomber
Resistor, Stream, Dragonseal
2Vitality, Bolt, Blaze
Defense, Steadfast, Steadfast
Steadfast, Spread, Poisoncoat
Throttle, Potential, Slider
Gobbler, Drain, Gobbler
Bolt, Stream, Venom
Footing, Vitality, Stream
Brace, Wind Resist, Brace
Stream, Gobbler, Mirewalker
Recovery, Gobbler, Grinder
Poisoncoat, Suture, Blaze
KO, ???, ???

~~~ 3/6/18 Melding List ~~~

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Poisoncoat, Suture, Blaze
KO, Draw, Brace
Potential, Vitality, Poisoncoat
Blastcoat, Earplug, Antidote
Slider, Tip Toe, Frost
Steadfast, Stream, Vitality
Bomber, Sleepcoat, Gobbler
Steadfast, Slider, Medicine
Mighty, Enduring, Blaze
Recovery, Earplug, Fortitude
Expert, Earplug, Vitality
Vitality, Brace, Brace
Steadfast, Stonethrower, Venom
Bomber, Dragon Res, Sleepcoat
Poisoncoat, Blastcoat, Brace
Gobbler, Earplug, Vitality
Brace, Resistor, Refresh
Paralyzer, Friendship, Footing
Gobbler, Sleep, Friendship
KO, Medicine, Wind Resist
KO, Medicine, Poisoncoat
Flight, Enduring, Slider
Footing, Friendship, Elementless
Mighty, Ice Res, Water Res
Purple?, Footing, Green?

~~~ 3/8/18 Melding List ~~~

Brace, Steadfast, Bomber
Grinder, Gobbler, Enduring
Friendship, Medicine, Medicine
Slider, Resistor, Venom
Friendship, Heavy Artillery, Throttle
Scent, Mind's Eye, Enduring
Venom, Flawless, Wind Resist
Vitality, Slider, Brace
Poisoncoat, Sleep, Footing
Grinder, Physique, Dragon
Enduring, Vitality, Footing
Sleep, Brace, Gobbler
Gobbler, Gobbler, Footing
Challenger, Jumping, Steadfast
Resistor, Resistor, Vitality
Resistor, Resistor, Vitality (Not a double entry, actual duplicate)
Grinder, KO, Earplug
Gobbler, Frost, Gobbler
Poisoncoat, Poisoncoat, Poisoncoat
Gobbler, Resistor, Poisoncoat
Mirewalker, Sleep, Poisoncoat
Slider, Brace, Evasion
Frost, Friendship, ???

~~~ 3/14/18 Melding List ~~~

Wind Resist, Critical, Frost
Throttle, Friendship, Venom
Brace, Defense, Potential
Geology, Tenderizer, Medicine
Bolt, Medicine, Sheath
Bomber, KO, Gobbler
Elementless, Grinder, Brace
Drain, Steadfast, Footing
Evasion, Handicraft, Poisoncoat
KO, Blaze, Stonethrower
Jumping, Flawless, Brace
Drain, Bomber, Poisoncoat
Bomber, Destroyer, Wind Resist
Enduring, KO, Recovery
Def Lock, Footing, Venom
KO, Poisoncoat, Wind Resist
Friendship, Paracoat, Botany
(Yellow?), Earplug, Stonethrower
???, Venom, Grinder
Antipara, Gobbler, Wind Resist
Protection, Ice Res, Hungerless
Grinder, Steadfast, Drain
Footing, Frost, KO
Poisoncoat, Brace, Def Lock
Sonorous, Earplug, Brace
Gobbler, Wind Resist, Wind Resist
Friendship, Slider, Smokea
Medicine, Enduring, Evasion
Bolt, Vitality, Poisoncoat
Throttle, Footing, Footing
Friendship, Elementless, Steadfast
Frost, Stream, Gobbler

~~~ 4/20/18 Melding List ~~~

Expert, Slider, Elementless
Enduring, Botany, Brace
Antidote, Venom, Medicine
Shield, Gobbler, Resistor
Crisis, Enduring, Vitality
Flight, Medicine, Blaze
Elementless, Stream, KO
Defense, Medicine, Flight
Stream, Footing, Poisoncoat
Mighty, Bomber, Footing
Friendship, Venom, Dragon
Blastcoat, Dragon, Brace
Gobbler, Slider, Dragon
Antidote, Defense, Bomber
Blaze, Steadfast, Slider
Stream, Recovery, Venom
Sharp, Elementless, Dragon
Dragon, Blaze, Jumping
Pep, Defense, Sonorous
Vitality, Venom, Paracoat
Venom, Physique, Stonethrower
Vitality, Suture, Enduring
Frost, Elementless, Venom
Resistor, Poisoncoat, Blaze
Poisoncoat, Gobbler, Blast
Blaze, Poisoncoat, KO
Venom, Specimen, Gobbler
Venom, Enduring, Suture
Sleep, Poisoncoat, Brace
Crisis, Earplug, Defense
Footing, Poisoncoat, Geology
Footing, Sleep, Blaze
Blaze, Footing, Frost
Recovery, Dragon, Dragonseal
Defense, Bolt, Wind Resist
Poisoncoat, Venom, Defense
Blastcoat, Frost, Defense
Gobbler, Enduring, Mighty

~~~ 4/28/18 Melding List ~~~

Poisoncoat, Potential, Bombardier
Venom, Jumping, Venom
Mighty Bow, Grinder, Friendship
Expert, Vitality, Earplug
Geology, Expert, Dragon
Drain, Expert, Pep
Resistor, KO, Sonorous
Resistor, Recovery, Vitality
Flight, Thunder Res, Drain
Antipara, Grinder, Vitality
Dragon, Frost, Resistor
Scent, Artillery, Pep
Vitality, Enhancer, Frost
Wind Resist, Fungiform, Defense
Friendship, Dragon, Crisis
Resistor, Stream, Gobbler
Stream, Blaze, Flight
Defense, Jumping, Stream
Bomber, Wind Resist, Stonethrower
Blaze, Sheath, Sonorous
Medicine, Brace, Vitality
Drain, Defense, Dragon
Resistor, Resistor, Bolt
Resistor, Dragon, Defense
Gobbler, Vitality, Resistor
Slider, Steadfast, Gobbler
Earplug, Frost, Medicine
Crisis, Vitality, Specimen
Grinder, Protection, Vitality
Dragon, Gobbler, Meowster
Miasma, Enduring, Expert
Dragon, Recovery, Meowster
Sonorous, Vitality, Vitality
Drain, Venom, Vitality
Grinder, Venom, Wind Resist
Vitality, Sleep, Venom
Recovery, Venom, Stream
Enduring, Blaze, Earplug

Alright. Ooph. That's a lot of things.So you can use your control+F finder to search through this and find how many drops of certain gems you are looking for I got, to at least compare and contrast that way. Notably, I have gotten zero Forceshot gems, zero Attack gems, and only one Critical Boost gem. Take that information how you will.

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