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A small rant.

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Edit: Felt a little extra petty, so here's her guild card, shes on ps4.

I've been so mad today because, since I'm at rank 90 and just trying get to rank 100 at this point, I like to respond to SOS Flares. That's just my main thing right now. I like to help those in need.

But something I can't stand. Something so big I can't fu*king stand. Leeches. For god's sake. Someone needed help with HR Kirin, Thunder Strikes Twice, and so I decided I'd help, someone else was already there with this person, and someone joined right after me.

I started running towards the fight and I noticed someone was staying at the camp, I thought nothing of it. At first. I was almost at the fight and I noticed they still hadn't moved. I waited a minute, and was able to deduce that the people in the fight spoke English (their auto messages were customized) so I wrote a shout out saying the quest leader, nonetheless, was a leech. After I said this, the leader, who I'll just call Aura, moved just the littlest bit closer to the fight. So I ran all the way back to camp 1 to "confront her" (basically just sit there) and she starts running toward me, and when she thinks it's safe to ignore me again, she pulls out her map. I hit her with my hammer and she started moving again, but picking everything up on her way. So I just stayed behind her. Right before we got to the fight, she tried to grab from a bonepile to stall, so I hit her, and she went back to running to the fight.

When we finally got to the fight, someone died and she failed her quest. So, me being the good samaritan I am, wanted to serve some justice.


I went to my recently played tab and found her online session. She immediately put the quest back up, and so I promptly joined. As soon a she saw me in the quest and recognized my armor, she kicked me. And I assume she lost after this because she then tried to be sly and respond to an sos. Later I found out, of the same quest to get it done.

So after a few moments, after, looking at every quest in the SOS lists, I finally found her in the SOS. She, lo and behold, was staying behind from everyone else. When I got to the fight itself, she was, instead of doing her work as a greatsword user, was only firing stone and brightmoss at Kirin.

Any time she wasnt pulling her weight in the mission, I'd abandon my post at the monsters forehead and smack her once or twice.

After Kirin died I tried to keep her away from the monster by upper cutting her away but it unfortunately didnt work in the end.

Now as I post this, this has changed, but She wasn't posting any quests or responding to any SOS flares, I assume out of aggravation of me patrolling specifically for her because shes leeching as much as physically possible. But now she just joined another SOS Flare so I'm gonna go back to being the hero that Astera needs.

Tl;dr Leeches can fu*king bite me. Capcom needs to fix this.

An edit to this post: I dont know what was more surprising after finding the quest she was in: That she was pulling her own weight, or that there was a hunting horn main in that quest.

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