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A Story of a hunter and her switchaxe

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I had never touched a monsterhunter game in my life. I thought iy was a great series, but never gotten around to playing it. One day, my friend finds a way to use an emulator and software to play monsterhunter multiplayer so we could all play together.

I tried all the weapons, but fell in love with the switchaxe and decided to main it and upgrade it. I researched all the trees and paths and found the end weapon to aim for. I upgraded to a wild axe+, and the next weapon in line was the ludroth axe. Easy enough I thought, but the recipe never appeared at the blacksmith!

I conversed with my MH-experienced friend and other people about why it did not appear. They say I dont have the items so it wont appear. I had to get the spongey hide from a ludroth before it appears says the MH wiki. And so begins my week long grind fest where I murdered ludroth after ludroth. 9 ludroths in i finally got it. The spongy hide.


I rushed to the blacksmith immediately to craft the ludroth axe, but alas, it was not there. I crafted all previous axes, the bone axe , yukumo axe, upgraded them all to see if i missed the path, but none of them had the ludroth axe recipe.

Defeated, I slunk back to poogie and petted him. I checked the wiki and turns out I was looking at the monster hunter 3U weapon trees, as my friend kept saying the version we were playing was mh3, but I was actually playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd… A game without a ludroth axe…

TLDR: Thought MHP3rd was MH3 and wasted a week trying to obtain an unobtainable goal.

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