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A story with Nergigante

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Yesterday, I was thinking of farming Nergigante for his gem in order to completely upgrade my weapons. Well, I did farm him anyways, rekt him on every try until the last one that I decided will be the last before beginning that hunt. Anyways, the hunt was going well until 10 minutes into the hunt I got smashed amd carted but hey I have Felyne Insurance this is fine. Go back, get smashed. Again. Basically I'm thinking I was secretly given a fu*king Tempered Nergy at this point. Then I go back, I got him to limp away, tried to flash him to prevent him from going back to his lair to gain super saiyan powers and I failed cause I was too far away to flash him. Still followed him in, crafted Mega barrel bombs from the only 2 devil blights I have, then planted it on his head then shot it with my slinger. He then proceeds to destroy the wall(boy, he hates that wall so much) and then me, forgetting that he doesn't shed his spikes when he does that, foolishly charged in only to find him already flying in the air ready to dive my ass. I panicked, sheathed my weapon ASAP and my superman dive came clutch. At that point I felt so fu*king anxious.

Anyways, this guy suddenly gains Wolverine level of regen cause those spikes are clearly growing fast as fu*k. I was running around, trying to find an opening then suddenly "You fainted". My jaw dropped, I got hit by the spikes after he smashed the ground with his hand. On the verge of giving up and abandoning the quest so that atleast I'll have my resources back, I thougjt of an idea. I changed my weapon from IG to Wyverm Ignition which was fully upgraded, then I craft up to 3 farcasters(all I could do unfortunately) and get 1 to my inventory then get 2 large barrel bombs since I have no devil blights left.


So I'm about to do my brilliant bomb his face then farcaster away strategy with GS TCS. I got into his lair, he's still sleeping, plant the bombs amd there's one problem which is, I don't know how to measure the distance to get a TCS in. Well that doesn't matter, I try to measure the distance myself, I missed like, 5 times then when I hit it, I only hit the barrels which was embarassing but thats better than 0 dmg. I farcaster'd out before I get rekt. Then get 2 large barrel bombs and 1 farcaster again. Go back to the lair only to find him awake and ready to fu*king divebomb me which made me run away hoping he would go back and sleep. He did in which I tried to do a successful TCS bomb this time, and it is successful, broke both his horns. Farcaster out, no way I'm gonna take this guy with an unfamiliar weapon. I get my last farcaster and 2 large barrels which I'm hoping is the last. Well nope shit it isnt. Having ran out of farcasters, I went and equipped ghillie mantle and vitality mantle. Then I do the TCS bomb again and I shit you not this fu*ker is still standing so I wore my ghillie and ran.

Running out of time, I grabbed another set of large bombs and did the TCS bomb again. This wasn't enough so I wore vitality mantle just in case and ran. This time he didn't go back to sleep, he followed me around like a mad man. While running, I suddenly see Kushala Daora in the distance and I had the bright idea of making them fight instead. They did, Nerg took 700 dmg and did a whopping 2k damage to the Kush. Safe to say this shit didn't kill Nerg too. Kush flew away and all that was left was me and Nerg. I went full anime and did a charged slash as he was coming at me and when it hit, he died. I felt a huge sense of relief and a lot of pressure coming off of me.

At this point, I never knew why that one hunt was so intense even though I won the other hunts easily. I don't wanna ever experience that ever again. You could say I could've abandoned instead of wasting my resources but I didn't have the time to waste by that point.

Anyways, I got the gem from that hunt which is probably why it's hard as fu*k

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