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A tale of thorns and flame (PC Lunastra sadness)

MonsterHunterWorld4 - A tale of thorns and flame (PC Lunastra sadness)

It was a pleasant evening in the new world, the kind best enjoyed by consuming nothing but alcohol. For tonight I would hunt, and for this hunt luck would be with me.

As I stand from my seat, I give a wave to the bro at the nearby table. I remember those days, the days of protein, the days of simple gains. It was at this moment I saw the S.O.S. flare, had the time come already?

I check in with my handler, "Hey pard, that flare was for the elder dragon Lunastra in the Elders recesses. There are three other hunters there already, the lowest is ranked 73, and two of the weapons they are using have "Taroth" in the name. They've been hunting for 3 minutes."

I hold my chin and nod sagely, "Yes, that sounds safe enough, I shall join this hunter in their time of need. Also look, I have a voucher." And thus my quest began, and I called the nearest wingdrake to fly me there so that I might lend this struggling hunter my infinite rank 58 wisdom… from afar, with my bow.

To no surprise, the wingdrake flutters itself off course, and I check the map to see that my good fortune had already begun. I was close to the battle, and above it all, only a short jog to the cliff's edge revealed before me my target, and my team.

I could see their golden scaled armor gleaming in the blue flame, these hunters were well equipped, and the green glow of a health booster could be seen at the base of the cliff on which I stood. Drawn like a moth to flame, the dragon Lunastra dove angrily towards the hunter most desperate to survive. The other two hunters chasing after her with blades drawn, I see the injured hunter roll out of the way just in the nick of time. And it was in this moment my plan was formed.

Finishing my hand crafted preworkout I like to call "Mega Demon Drug," I perform a quick roll away from the cliffs edge and then begin to run forward. Extending one leg as far as I can reach, I leap from the safety of the plateau and draw forth an arrow which will soon be driven into the back of the beast below.


It was only as I descended that I noticed, I had taken too long. Lunastra had backed away from the cliff-side, fluttering into the air with a crackling of orange and blue sparks. I looked into her eye as I fell, arrow still drawn in my now limp hand. I believe she saw the terror in me, and it filled her with satisfaction.

As I strike the ground the beast lands atop me, flame billowing in all directions, the nova had begun. But it was no simple band of fresh hunters she faced, we had all come prepared, and knowing the health booster would provide for us some modicum of recovery, we accepted our fate and sought to counter attack.

Our rise to bravery echoed across the landscape… no… not ours, it was another's. A beastly roar the likes of which could only be provided by another elder dragon, as there had before only been one suspect on this quest, I knew Daora was upon us. Turning to see this new combatant in the fray I steeled myself against the impending wind pressure. But it was not Daora I witnessed, rather a great beast with horns like a demon and spines covering his entire body. His wings extended to block the evening sun, Nergigante had arrived in our most trying and healthless moment.

"What up bi*ches?" He asked as he descended back to the earth. The sound of the earth breaking was nearly enough drown out the cracking of our own bones as thousands of spikes the size of our very bodies crashed through the entire area.

The next thing I knew, I was arriving back at camp by way of wooden cart. Unceremoniously was I thrown into a pile of bodies I came to realize were all three of my fellow hunters. The quest had been lost, and my handler stood above me waving my lucky voucher as if to say "no refunds." A sour reminder to my less than two minute hunt.

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