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A thank you to the MH developers.

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This message is a long time coming; I figure better late then never. In October of 2016 my wife and I were getting ready for our vacation to Disney world. I had broken my arm at work a month ago going through workmen comp. As we were stepping out the door to get our rental car; it hit me. I sharp pain in my left arm ( same one that was broken). Come to find out I had a stroke at the age of 31. Sadly I ruined vacation, of course it could not be helped. The stroke affected my left side of my body. I was in the hospital for about a month. Eventually I had to have open heart surgery during this time to deal with what was believed to be source of the stroke. I got to go home around Thanksgiving. I stayed with my folks during my healing process. My wife and I have several cats and would not be the best for me healing and keeping the wound clean. I got a little depressed afraid I wouldn't be able to play games like I used to, but I was determined to do it. I picked up my copy Monster Hunter generations again and started hunting. I had a hard time at first; my left thumb keep twitching, it was hard to even time the focus camera. I then started using adept style and I started soloing alot of the monsters. I got better over time, and I'm still going with it. MHG helped me get through a rough part of my life and helped get my hand coordination back for the most part. That is why I say thank you to the monster Hunter team, for the joy it gives me and many others. I'm looking forward to MHGU when it comes out in August, 2018. Again thank you guys for all the hard work you put into it. Andrew


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