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I'm not sure if this type of post is allowed, but I didn't see a rule against it and I don't believe this post would fit the other Monster Hunter subs.

My best friend of sixteen years died two days ago very suddenly.

One of our absolute favorite games to play has always been Monster Hunter. He started on the PS2 with the original MH, whereas I started on the PSP with MHFU. We found MH separately, but once we realized we both loved the series, we became hunting partners until the end.

We raged at Plesioth's hit box in MHFU. We would meticulously plan our hunts to get our specific parts. He was always a Great Sword man. I started with Dual Blades but switched to CB when 4U hit.

We put homebrew on our PSPs and used that to get MHP3rd since it was never localized. We fell in love with Zinogre immediately. He was our 2nd favorite monster to hunt.

We eventually switched over to the 3DS when MH3U dropped. Man, how we hated fighting underwater, but it was still such a thrill. Brachydios became our new 2nd favorite.

We were always a team since none of our local friends played and online wasn't a native feature yet.

I moved to Japan before MH4U came out, but we'd schedule hunting parties just to cross the distance. We both put in 500+ hours into that game with the expeditions and everything. We ranked up every step of the way together.


We played Gen together before GenU came out on the switch, but we were simultaneously distracted by MHW. We never got to play that one together because he didn't have a ps4. He preferred his pc. Now, he'll never get to play Iceborne. This leads me to my tribute.

You see, our #1 favorite monster has always been Nargacuga. We were thrilled he's in Iceborne (though he'd have to wait longer for it on pc).

This game ate up so much time in our twenties and early thirties. These memories, I will treasure forever. We both loved this community, even if we were more lurkers than anything else.

Buttman, (I swear to you, that was always his name in game), I promise a tribute. I will hunt Nargacuga for you. For us. I will even do it once with GS instead of my CB, just for you.

Goodbye, my friend. Keep hunting on the other side of eternity.

EDIT: Since one person said they'd hunt Nargacuga as a tribute as a GS main, I asked them to silently say to themselves "THIS IS FOR BUTTMAN!"

For all GS mains out there, if you say that in your mind (or out loud, I don't mind haha), I know he'd appreciate it. Thank you all. This is such a supportive community.

I honestly posted this as a means of helping achieve closure, but you all have helped me seek far beyond that. Thank you all.

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