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A Warrior of Light’s tale from slaying EX Behemoth…

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Ended up with some random Japanese dudes in an SOS, we get to the 4th stage on our first try and die to some minor mistakes. We all end up returning to camp to try again, one of the guys end up carting to ecliptic in the 1st stage. No big deal, crying and thumbs up emojis spammed afterwards. Cart here and there for a tornado ending up too close or Behemoth doing dumb stuff like "hamming" on comets even when nobody is near them type of stuff, out of our control minus the random brain-farts like reloading from unsheathe.

3 runs together 4th stage fail, 3rd stage fail, 4th stage fail and then I lose connection and move on to some Tier 3s.

2 hours later the Japanese guy randomly invites me and the rest of the former group for a run. 1st stage smooth. 2nd stage 2 carts, insurance deducts one. I switch from my Glutton Guard set to a Devourer KO Sleep chain build, 3rd stage breezes by as Behemoth is literally on the floor for 3 minutes taking it up the butt. 4th stage, I run into the zone and BOOM he leaps to the tunnel leading into the zone… INSTA-cart pin attack… One life left. Sad emojis spammed all around.


I switch to my Glutton Guard set and jump back in. Grab aggro almost instantly and maintain it for 2 meteors. Final meteor is left, we all kinda wait around passively poking and waiting for the final ecliptic. I still have aggro… paw smack I drop my guard from the stupid little flinch and get bumped into a TORNADO and bounce left into ANOTHER TORNADO, I'm crying inside… I spam crying emoji since I'm 100% sure I just died but then a miracle reveals itself… I'm knocked into a safe slither of pathing between the edge of the lava and the tornado after the second tornado knocks me. I superman dive with literally 10% HP and make it out. Behemoth turns to me as I pop my last max potion… BEHEMOTH CASTS LIGHTNING. Team is spamming thumbs up emojis. Lava booms from the cracked floor of the zone, I fly into the air as my team spams potions with their Wide 5s. Im laughing my ass off at 4am on the living room floor as my wife sleeps on the couch. I get up after landing, BEHEMOTH IS CASTING ECLIPTIC METEOR. FELLA CANT CATCH A GODDAMN BREAK! I spam Rocksteady radial shortcut and RUN THROUGH 3 TORNADOES as my team heals me even more and I roll behind the last comet… We're missing one guy. 4th guy uses jump after the character stutter from the meteor's entrance into the zone after cast, perfect timing. BEHEMOTH HAS BEEN SLAYED. VICTORY CUT SCENE ENSUES. Everyone is spamming crying emojis. I jump and holler a loud woop as my wife wakes up. My dog runs to me hyped and confused. Thank you capcom. We actually made a group for any next seige/mmo level of difficulty stuff to come out in the future too.

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