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A Weapon Damage Comparison Sheet

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A long, long while back I made an Excel sheet allowing you to compare weapons and their upgrades and augments to see which path would be best for them to go down at your current skills. This is more of a "I have the weapon and armor already, I just want to know which augment to go for" sheet rather than a theorycrafting sheet, mostly because I have no clue how to use Excel and quite honestly I skipped studying for two finals just so I could get this done way back when I made it. You are welcome to use it for theorycrafting if you know the correct values you're working with, though. If a better type of worksheet already exists now, then that's great, because this worksheet is months old and I'm sure it has been phased out by now, but I'd like to share it regardless.

Sheet link: MHW Weapon Augment Comparisons

The Worksheet in Action

Again, I have no clue how to use Excel so I'm sorry if this UI is terrible but it's about the best I was willing to get. I could add a lot more, but honestly it was so much work to begin with and I'm fine with what it is right now. It's a few months old but it's still relevant. I believe I asked a friend to post this a while back but he never got around to it, so I'm posting it now since I've seen a few sheets come up lately comparing weapons and I thought this might be helpful.


Here's how it works:

  1. In the first cell you pick your weapon type from the drop-down list of weapons, or you can insert it manually although it must be the weapon's exact in-game English name.
  2. In the second cell you enter the attack value of your weapon that you see on your status screen. This isn't your true raw value, and the sheet will adjust it to be correct accordingly.
  3. In the third cell you enter your affinity that is listed on your status screen. This will allow you to calculate how much raw you effectively have as it will average the damage bonus or loss from positive or negative affinity.
  4. In the fourth cell you pick how many points you have in the skill "Critical Boost" so that you can see your effective damage output at higher levels of Critical Boost and potentially decide whether you would like to invest points into the skill or not.
  5. You're done. The fifth cell shows your true raw based on your weapon choice, and the sixth cell will show how much effective raw you actually have based on your inputs. Green is good, red is bad, yellow is mediocre.

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