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A whirlwind of emotion.

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So, today I laid down the money for the basic Switch console package (the $300 one at Gamestop) and preordered Gen Ultimate. Not even a month ago, I bought MH: World for the PC.

Only, this isn't the scenario I imagined it to be. I imported XX and put nearly 1K hours on it alone, and about 350 on Gen itself. Gen Ultimate was NOT something I got hyped for, I actually intended to skip it entirely, POSSIBLY buying it a year from now if at all. I saw myself becoming sucked into World and wanted to be focused on that. I knew World would be handicapped in terms of content, especially with PC starting with only the basic, launch roster. I was fine with that, seeing MH fully realized was enough, just going through the new mechanics and playing with weapons I'd used for 12 years (some, not all, as the weapon roster used to be a bit thinner) in this new, grand way.. I never imagined I'd be here.

Now, before I go further, I love MH:W. The game itself is fantastic and damned near everything I wanted it to be. Is it a bit on the easier side? Sure, but I feel that a good bit of this is having an actual controller as opposed to a circlepad and a nub on my N3DS, I actually forgot the luxury that was my time with the series on the PSP but I suppose due to the awful hitboxes back then it had its own drawbacks. The larger screen, more fluid mechanics, being a vet, I know all those play a part. Not enough of a part to completely eclipse the difficulty of World, but it wasn't so easy I disliked it or anything, and some of the elder dragons and high rank monsters can put up enough of a fight to catch me carting away every now and then. Otherwise, it's great. The PC Port itself, however, is a garbage fire.

Framepacing issues related to Thunder/Blast and Elder's Recess, sound looping bugs, save corruption issues with some players, crashes for others, subpar optimization in general, online that even post-patch is awful, broken graphical options, I could go on. It's a mess, a big fat fu*king mess. For a AAA $60 full release product, this isn't okay, but whatever. If the game IS fixed, I will be satisfied enough. I just hate we're here to begin with. Even with my 1070Ti / i5-8500 and my general FPS being 90 at High-Med 1080P UW (w/ mod), I still have more than enough problems to significantly impact my experience, and overall it's making me actively avoid World.


So when an inheritance check I didn't expect was thrust into my life today (I know, cliche, but it's real. The death I knew about, but that's all I knew, nothing about being due money.) I did a few things. I preordered a 2080Ti, because fu*k it I could afford to. I bought a Switch and preordered Gen-U. I paid off rent for two whole months. My life is pretty fu*king great today, but I'm still pissed. I waited 12 years for World, and it's everything I wanted.. but the port quality is ruining it. So now I'm sitting here, NOT playing World and bummed Gen-U isn't out yet. I thought this would be the greatest year (gaming wise) for me personally ever, two MH's in one month I could play, but now I just feel fu*king conflicted. My only savior is a game I've already spent over 1,000 hours in if you count both XX and Gen, and I'm honestly nervous I may tire of the old mechanics and game I've already seen ten times through before MH:W is truly fixed.

Ah well, just wanted to air out. Feel free to downvote me into high hell for daring speak any negative words about MH:W, even if they're aimed at the port quality entirely and not at the actual game. I just wanted to put this somewhere that WASN'T the Steam forums, as I'd like to avoid that cesspool.

But hey, at least Gen-U seems to be 60FPS/1080P, so maybe that'll be enough to keep me focused on the game itself and not what I miss from World. Seeing the comparisons between the 3DS version and the Switch make it look like a new game, I never fully appreciated just how low the 3DS resolution was until now. Does anyone know if Gen-U will have things XX didn't?

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