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MonsterHunterWorld4 - About the movie...

First of all, the Isekai idea is stupid and Paul W. S. Anderson is a hack, but…. I think there's a way for the movie concept to be less stupid. Firstly, modern weapons need to be either worthless or just ineffective and inefficient against big monsters. I know that we now have Wyvern Heart, but I am pretty sure that is only effective because the bullet caliber is probably quite high. Any explosive rounds they have should probably be equivalent to one round of cragshot.

Secondly, the monsters NEED to be regarded as and treated as animals, not villainous beings who only seek destruction. His current concept makes them sound like evil dragons trying to destroy the American way of life when that really shouldn't be the case. Instead, any wyverns or small monsters that fall through the dimensional hole should do so either accidentally or under the oppressive effects of an elder dragon, similar to how the monsters in World became really jittery over Xeno'Jiva starting to awaken.


Thirdly, I propose the creation of a Black Dragon-class elder dragon who lords over space time. And that all actions said species of dragon takes is still due to their natural instincts. In fact, the only reason the portal should be opening is due to one thing: MATING SEASON. This species of dragon, when fully mature, would lay its eggs in different dimensions as a way of ensuring they never go extinct. Said eggs will eventually hatch and the chicks will feed until they become old enough to go dormant for tens of thousands of years (the movie characters could then hypothesize that the last time these dragons appeared on Earth was during the stone age, where fear of these creatures has cemented itself into the very core of our species and the reason why dragon-like creatures have been appeared in legends from every culture of the world despite the abscence of said creatures and that the feeding patterns of these dragons are the reason why every other species of human has gone extinct). Then when these dragons become sexually mature, their powers will become so unstable that a tear in space time occurs, attracting other members of their species before they eventually awaken. The first movie could be about the soldiers having to learn the proper way of killing monsters (learning their strengths and weaknesses, where to attack and HOW to attack in order to rend their flesh asunder) and then dealing with a powerful large monster (this one should also be a new species made for the movie) whom they initially thought was actively attempting to reach Earth (when in fact it's just a terrified and confused animal whose sense are being disrupted by elder dragon energy). The movie could then end with that or with a fight with a familiar elder dragon whose also affected by the space time dragon's power, perhaps Lao Shan Lung. Second movie could be about them taking down the spacetime dragon(s) in the MH world who have awakened while the third movie could take place back on Earth where the dragons are sexually mature but aren't quite awake yet. There they could attempt to kill off the dragons before they awaken with the climax being one actually does wake up AND THEN mutate into something far more powerful. A possibity is that in order to kill the dormant dragons enmasse, they decide to sedate the sleeping dragons to keep them dormant while transporting them all to one location where the Muricans decide to nuke the whole lot of them. Which does kill all of them except one, who more or less becomes a more draconic Godzilla.

And again, no mentions of evil intentions, except from maybe some douchebag human character.


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