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Actual Bonafide Random Save File Corruption(MHW)(PC)

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This is unrelated to the Xeno'Jiiva crash.

"Failed to load save data.Revert save data to default?"

Pressing No has the game trying loading again, to no avail.

Pressing Yes reverts your save file, meaning you lose all data.

This is the error message. It happens after exiting the game. Reading up dozens of forum posts, there is no reason for why it happens.


My game crashed (around 10:14pm), fighting the first diablos quest. It was when i was slamming him with my hammer and charging up and particles and shit were lagging my framerate and I assume maxed out my CPU.

When I got back on I was able to load the save file. Attempted diablos again and failed. Did some random quests, made some armor. I was able to save just fine.

When quitting to title screen (at 12:21am, the time stamp on save file) the game wouldnt load the file.

Crashing has happened before when I was doing the fluffy ball bat capture quest, but it was directly when I captured em(I think the lightning effects from the trap did it?) my game crashed. No save file corruption though.


Crashes and Performance:

So cus a crash happened previously the idea would be crashes cause it right? Or maybe due to performance problems? Well a steam user by the name of Moist. confirmed this is not true.

" No my game did NOT crash before this happened, but it was at the same time I got a network error I'm sure everyone here is familiar with.I was in a session with the same friend both times, he posted a quest, I tried to join it, I got the "Failed to join quest" error, I quit the game and saved completely normally and smoothly, I launched the game again, "Failed to load save data".

No final boss cutscene not loading, no crashing during a save, nothing weird like that at all. I will say my first save I was getting very chunky performance during some fights because of the Lightning Effect lag on Dual Blades however this never caused a crash for me. My second run of the game I used a different weapon and had extremely better performance and almost no crashes "

Network Error:

So like the steam user said, they got a network error, so is that the cause?

Well for me I don't think I even got a network error. I had just done a quest online with a friend, went to make my own session cus I was getting ready to get off, crafted some armor, saved and quit.

Consoles too?:

I've seen random posts in threads mentioning this happen on consoles too. No idea if this is true or was ever fixed. It could possibly mean it's not exclusive to the PC though.


I have not been able to find any fix for this "failed to load" save file corruption, specifically for fixing the corrupt save file.


BACK UP YOUR SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll need to do it ingame too after saying cus it appears to be random.

Save file location:



For manual backup:


Create a backup folder. Make a shortcut to the previously stated location so you can easily access it. Copy save file and rename it so it's (date.time)_SAVEDATA1000 for your convenience. To replace, delete corrupted save file(can copy and keep a backup of it too if you want) and replace it with your backup. Remove the timestamp from the name so it's back to "SAVEDATA1000".

Windows 10 File History:

Apparently you can backup files using a windows 10 method called File History. I haven't used it myself so don't know the steps but it seems like it would work.

Auto backup Script:



– use a backup save? WORKS!!!


– deleting 582010 to let steam redownload everything? didnt work. (This does work for the "failed to save" bug, as your save file isn't corrupt just stuff in your save folder is.)

– verify cache? didnt work

– delete save file and let steam cloud get it? nope

– reinstall game? nope

– restart steam? nope

– restart computer? nope

– run game as admin? nope

– run steam as admin? nope

?- use backup save, then replace it with the "corrupted" one? doesnt work. There was a weird error message I would get from special K crashing before uninstalling the mod, I probably shoulda taken a screenshot woops

– install game on another computer and get the save file from it( )? steam user Moist. tried and it didn't work. If the save file is actually corrupt, which in this case it is, then loading it up on another computer won't do anything.


CPU: i5-2400GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 @6GBNvidia drivers: (previously 398.82 but the game performance was so bad I could barely get past 50fps, averaging around 40fps in every area) 398.36RAM: 16GBOS: Windows 10


IF you have any experience with this, know what causes it, know if there's any way to fix the specific corrupted save file, PLEASE POST. I've been backing up my save file every day so I only lost a day of gameplay. But MANY people who have been playing for 50+hrs probably have not thought of backing up their save or even know about it. If it happened to them they would of lost everything. This whole thing is very fu*ked up.

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