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Advice and Legit Cheat Tips for Newcomers (and a little rant)

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Advice and Legit Cheat Tips for Newcomers (and a little rant)

So 2 days ago was the very first time I left a quest in an SOS, it happened that an HR 50 something just ran around in the camp after fainting and finally went AFK. I told others in the party through chat that I was going to leave the quest since quest owner was AFK, they left too afterwards.

I mean what the hell? I was totally okay with people got carted, it happens to all of us, but staying in the camp or just running around in a corner or worst, leaving the quest after fainting won’t get you nowhere.

Sometimes I would follow the quest owner to the camp after he/she got carted 3 times and ask him/her to post the quest again. I know that it’s learning curve every beginner should pass, and I don’t wanna bitch about it, instead just saying “let’s do this, we’re gonna make it”.

Help yourself to be help guys, many hunters who spent hundreds of hours in the game feel bored sometimes and more than willing to help.

Now, some tips are well known but many newcomers may not be aware of, such as :

  • Eating in the canteen before every quest
  • Buff up, learn to use that radial menu
  • Learn monster move sets for opening or danger
  • Optimize your build as high as your quest level allows you to

Now, I hear you, “how can I optimize if the monster part I need for my part is from the one am currently struggling with?”

Well, aside from helping yourself to be helped as I said above, I offer you a little “legit” cheat which is way better than running around like a headless chicken or staying in the camp or leaving a quest after a faint. Here’s how :

  • Run partbreaker if possible
  • Set your palico gadget to plunderblade
  • Bring bombs, since early game weapons are prone to bounce off hard parts of a monster
  • Lookup sleep bombing in YouTube, or better yet just focus on breaking monster parts for the gears you’re after
  • Once you broke a part or two and hopefully your palico managed to steal some, choose RETURN FROM QUEST
  • This way, the broken parts of the monster would be rewarded to you (highly likely, not always get what you aim, but the chance is high), plus the raid from your palico

With more materials you get, it opens up the chance for you to survive longer thus allowing you to fight better. And upgrade them gears, ALWAYS go to the Resource Center in Astera after finishing a quest (unless you’re chainhunting in camp) and look for bounties, try to combine the bounties to make it more efficient. For example, this is an easy combination :

  • hunt 3 bird wyvern
  • 4 quest in Wildspire Waste
  • 10 bugs collecting
  • 10 honey collecting
  • 12 flora collecting

You could go hunting Kulu Ya Ku in Wildspire while collecting what the bounties require pretty easily and receive more armor sphere quickly to upgrade.

Hope that helps, happy hunting.

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