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After 12 hours of trying Fatalis… I’ve come up with sound (solo) strategy.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - After 12 hours of trying Fatalis... I've come up with sound (solo) strategy.
  1. Gear

Lvl 20 armor – What, you think they have raised the cap for fun?

Defence boost 7, no options – his attacks are extremely deadly, they can and will demolish you, especially in last phase. Even this skill won't be enough, that's why we're taking…

Fortify – yes, you WILL die on that hunt, so why not give yourself some boost? On maximum stacks, your defence SHOULD be in 1400s, that will make his attacks hurt not so badly, and in last phase he even wouldn't be able to oneshot you!

Divine blessing – another good thing to slot in. Can even pick goldian set for Secret bonus.

Partbreaker – may be pretty much mandatory to break Fatalis' head in time.

Felyne Safeguard – As I said, you WILL die on the hunt, and with safeguard, you'll have 4 carts while being at full power.

Max potions – this is the first time in THE GAME when I had to pick extra mega nutrients and mandragoras to the hunt. 7 max potions total will help you last.

  1. Phase 1-2

Binder charges are to the left (behind the ballista) and to the right (behind the cannon) from the barricade. LEAVE THEM BE FOR UNTIL PHASE 3! Same with mounting – save it for phase 3, really – the window it gives will help you a lot.

Double flinch shot is a must during all the hunt – but tenderize head before slamming, it will deal extra (hidden 10%?) part damage to the head. See Fatalis not enraged? Bonk him, quick.

Roaming ballista can be used immideately after first flame sea attack, it will recharge before phase 3, but park it near southernmost stationary ballista – you'll need it to unload on the head of bound Fatalis.


Dragon slinger ammo can flinch him with 2 regular shots or one special shot – can provide a window to either heal or dish out a bit more damage.

  1. Phase 3

After second flame sea attack (Which melts the barricade) Fatalis will supercharge (just like Silver Rathalos) and starts spitting nuclear bombs. FROM NOW ON YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY IS TO BREAK THE HEAD.

Remember the binder charges and roaming ballista? Now is the very time to use everything you have saved up. Bind him, so his head would be near the ground – and blast it with ballista, first, then with your weapons. Once it's broken – he'll resort to conventional ammunition of fireballs.

During that phase, Fatalis will have a grapple attack, which is aimed at those who attack the belly too recklessly – you'll get stuck to it first, then Fatalis grabs you with his mouth and yeet you on the ground. Depending on your defence and health – you may instantly cart from this move.

Fatalis will use his sea of flame again, and to save yourself you'll need to tun under him ASAP.

Once you're done with the head, you are free to hit the belly, it recieves extra damage on that phase. If enough damage is dealt, one minute countdown begins for Dragonator. Each spear deals 3300 damage, and after it hits Fatalis, you're free to finish it while the very first version of "Proof of a Hero", straight from MH1, plays instead of Fatalis theme.

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