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After countless grueling hours, I’ve soloed Behemoth with every weapon type!

MonsterHunterWorld10 - After countless grueling hours, I've soloed Behemoth with every weapon type!

I know it's a little late into this game's life cycle for this, but the other day I just decided to go for it. Normal Behemoth is nowhere near as bad as its Extreme version, but it still took me a while to down him with each weapon. It gave me a "fun" excuse to try out weapons that I normally don't play, and prove to myself that I don't need Bow to clear content. Maybe one day I'll try it with TA rules sinceTemporal/EvasionmantlesandatonofMaxPotionskindofhardcarriedmethroughit.

Here's my guild card to give a general idea of how proficient I am with each weapon.

And if you wanted proof, or you just enjoy listening to a weirdo mumble over mediocre gameplay, here are all the VODs. Some details (and direct links) for each:

  • GS: 26'34"86 – GS actually has a decently fun decision tree for this fight I think? Not as harsh as I had expected it to be.

  • LS: 18'12"51 – One of the two weapons I soloed Behemoth with before starting this challenge so I kind of knew what I was doing. Forgot to run Mind's Eye but it's technically not mandatory so

  • SnS: 23'00"10 – Definitely could have done better with this one, seeing as how I mained it throughout the entirety of 4U, but whatever. Honestly a pretty good weapon for Behemoth.

  • DBs: 25'27"21 – Pretty sure this one was relatively painless. Dual Blades are pretty wack in World though

  • Hammer: ~30'06 or so – I was dreading this one, but sticking to Behemoth's hind legs isn't actually as bad as I expected. More fun than I thought.

  • HH: 32'59"35 – Saved this bad boy for last until i realized that i forgot to do SnS and it was… quite a time. Learned more HH than I ever bothered to before. I still don't love it, but I have more respect for it as a weapon.

  • Lance: 29'48"06 – Really felt the lack of space that lancehops can cover with this one. I tend to be heavily evasion-oriented, so my hubris led me to run Guard Up but only Guard 1. You can hear me regret my choices throughout the entire fight, so if I ever did Lance again I'd probably bump that up to 3 or something.

  • GL: 28'17"75 – I'm definitely no /u/CaoSlayer but this actually went better than I expected. I've been sleeping on Gunlance ever since I started playing MH but it worked out pretty well. Shelling is nice for Behemoth since you can really just be anywhere and shoot anywhere without worrying about bouncing or whatever. Still don't know how to use WF/WS.

  • SA: 30'03"01 – I thought SA's lack of defensive options would leave me hanging dry, but iirc I managed to get this in one go. It's flexible and doesn't rely on a slow burst for big damage, which makes it nice for Behemoth.

  • CB: 32'35"08 – uhhh why was this one so hard for me?? I just couldn't wrap my head around when to use SAED and what moves to use instead if I didn't have enough time, which felt like every time. I thought CB would be free, but this was a real punch to the gut.

  • IG: 26'12"01 – This weapon feels GREAT. I really need to play more Insect Glaive. Definitely one of my favorite runs.

  • LBG: 29'20"23 – I ran Water LBG (Styx) and it… was really boring. LBG is also a lot more committal than one might think, between Rapid Fire, Reload, and Wyvernblast. I acted hasty at times and got punished for it. I also ran out of ammo a lot so I don't know how I'd go about a TA run.

  • HBG: 21'23"36 – G L U T T O N. Didn't run Shield Mod or anything, so the mantles helped a ton. I'd like to go back and clean this run up sometime.

  • Bow: 15'08"00 – lmao literally just picked this clip up from one of my random streams. It's my main weapon and the one I used to solo Extremoth so occasionally I'll solo Behemoth for fun with Bow.

Keep in mind that none of these clips are very clean. I'm not anywhere near the best, nor do I really consider myself a speedrunner, but I wanted to share my somewhat painful experience with all of you 🙂

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