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After removing Evade Extender on my switch axe for so long, I realized…

MonsterHunterWorld2 - After removing Evade Extender on my switch axe for so long, I realized...

That now I can finally achieve all the potential this babe has to offer.

When I still had the skill on I spend most of my hunts going straight for sword mode, quickstepping attacks and doing regular rolls for gapclosing and disengaging. Sometimes I even wondered whats the point of axe mode since I never bothered using it. But now that I learned the morph moves, I'm seriously amazed how good those moves are. I can now just fluently dodge through attacks, or close the gap/ escape just as good (sometimes even better) as the EE rolls. I used to hate quicksteps since they kinda get in my way when I'm trying to dodge something, but with those sweet, almost elegant evade-ish morph moves I can just use quickstep like a lance user – constantly repositioning and hitting the weakspots. I impressed how much mobility the axe mode gives that at some point I forget that I'm using a heavy weapon. And since I morph so often now my switch axe now feel like a true SWITCH axe and not some big glowing sword. Last but not least, my damage SKYROCKET now that I can use a speedrunner mixed set without worrying about surviving with EE. I feel so sastified sticking to monsters like glue, doing wild, endless combos, all while dodging dem attacks like a ninja and having my damage even surpass most, if not all hbg users I met.


I genuinely feel like the EE skill is just training wheels on switch axe now. Remove it if you can, you wont regret it!

Also ppl keep complaining how the axe mode is pointless and this weapon lacking survivalbility and mobility.

No it doesn't. This weapon is as fine as it is.

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