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After World, MHGU feels special. In a very good way.

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I've been playing MH for quite a bit now. My first MH experience was on PSP, with MHFU, so I'm old enough to know the claw grip. And ever since this first MH experience, I've been hooked.

In my gamer life, there have been a couple important turning points that shifted everything. And I consider Monster Hunter to be one of the most important, right behind my first VR headset. It was the game that made me enjoy challenge and made me actually feel like I was getting better and needed to get even better.

So I naturally bought MHW day one, and it was quite an experience. The game was very different from every MH thing I ever experienced before, and every second playing it felt amazing. Most of the changes were very welcome and made the Monster Hunter experience so smooth it was like discovering a completely new game. And I got a little scared to go back to the old formula, because I got used to World and also because I wanted to give a little more time to Dead Cells and Hollow Knight's latest DLC before starting a new MH game


Today, I finally decided to buy MHGU because my life wouldn't be complete without it. And so far, the good ol' and rigid Monster Hunter formula is giving me a very good time. The game is so different from World, it feels like playing another kind of game. But it does not make it inferior in any way ; I am still enjoying the game at least as much as any other MH title, World included.

So, lesson learned : whatever happens in the future, may it be MHW2 or MH5, my body will be ready and I'll enjoy it anyway because I'm a MH addict.

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