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Alatreon review, one week after his release.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Alatreon review, one week after his release.

For the record I have about 30 Alatreon kills rn, so I feel I'm qualified to talk about it. I'll try to keep my opinion concise.

Good stuff

*Compared to other iterations, this version of alatreon is much smaller (went from 31m to 24m in length) and he keeps his head much closer to the ground, which allows all melee weapons to consistently attack it.

*His melee hitzones are much better. Thank god for that since Alatreon was infamous for his trash hitzones.

*His hitboxes are super tight and on point for most of his attacks.

*I really like how they incorporated a lot of his old, admittedly annoying, attacks. His charge changed from a big time waster to a smaller one, his sky dive scrape thing (the og pepega slam) is much more manageable and the hailstorm taking a back seat and turning into a normal move is ok.

*Water's cool.

*The new Alatreon weapons are cool looking especially the hunting horn. Also escadora β+ > old escadora.

Nitpicky stuff

*That forward fireball that splits in three feels, idontknow, too gamey?

*His gunner hitzones are okayish?, though that's to be expected, all iceborne monsters are similar.

*The ice that drops from the sky during ice and dragon mode doesn't have an indicator on where it drops so you can't expect it falling on you, reminds me of the mortal shell beta, a boss has the same exact problem.

*I feel like they could've given him some more creative water attacks, he only uses water in place of ice shards in his fire mode rn.

*A lot of his attacks are reused Velkhana or teostra attacks.


Bad things, or the section I rail on EJ for three or so paragraphs

The problem isn't that the EJ DPS check is hard to reach. That's simply isn't the case. The problem is that this mechanic needlessly makes half the builds in the game (raw builds) need to play in an unnatural and unintended way, that being eating carts. One of the beauties of MH is that the win condition is so simple, "kill the monster", the way that you achieve that is up to you. The game doesn't force you to adapt, it forces you to get better with your approach. It's like an assassin creed game insta falling the trailing mission when you get of the predetermined path. Blocking half the builds from participating is bad game design.

The problem would be mitigated (though wouldn't disappear ofc) if all weapons' elemental damage were decently balanced to tackle the DPS check. Capcom added some modifiers to help struggling weapons, good job on them for thinking about that. However those modifiers are far from balanced. Why is SA at 0.6 while the cb is much higher? Why is greatsword at 1.1, that's way to low. Greatsword certainly doesn't do half the elemental damage of dB like the modifiers show (napkin math, mIght be wrong) it does way less.

Overall, Alatreon would be s tier fight along with the classics like old world nargacuga and would easily be one of the best big boy fights like gogmazios and ahtal-ka. EJ taints the experience and drops him several tiers.

I hope capcom has heard the logical, non reviewbombing or petition creating part of the community's complaints and won't make similar bad decisions in the future.

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