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Albino Monsters – A Concept

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The Shining White Deviants:

Albinism – a rare birth defect that causes something to lack melanin, giving them white skin and pink eyes. In ancient tribes and seen with some animals, those with albinism are cast out and abandoned, usually leaving them to die, however, in rare cases, those that have been abandoned continue to live on.

Albino monsters are monsters that were outcast from birth, forcing them to either fight or die. They've become strong, and enranged due to surviving alone, but due to them not being raised by their own kind, they all exhibit moves completely different to those of their species. They're a challenge to even the most seasoned veterans

How They Fight:

Since they've never been around their own kind they don't know how to fight them, they've learnt moves from other monsters they've seen and also learnt completely new moves (but also have a few staple moves from their type class, such as the tail spin, hip check etc). Each albino monster could have 20 moves in its programming. Sounds broken right? Well wait, there's a catch. When the hunter first goes on a quest to hunt an Albino monster that monster is randomly equipped with 5 moves out of it's move pool. Some are familiar but some will be moves from others and some are moves that are completely unique to albino monsters.

What this means is that each fight with an albino monster will be completely different and unpredictable. Maybe you get lucky and the monster just has it's regular moves but in another fight the monster could have a complete set of moves you've never seen before. It'll be like fighting an even more unpredictable deviant but with still just as much chaos and strength.


When Can You Fight Them:

Fighting an albino monster would probably happen at the end of high rank. You would go on a regular monster quest listed, but once you find the monster you realise it's actually a White Monster. You're suddenly attacked with moves you've never seen this monster use before and it catches you off guard. From that point on Albino monsters will start showing up occasionally in unstable environments.

(Side note, I'm torn whether they wouldn't show up on the quest list as being white, similar to the savage deviljho and the raging rajang, but a part of me thinks they should just so people know what they're getting into, especially when farming)


I've had this idea for a while but completely forgot about it, but after fighting the Lagiacrus in MHGU after not fighting it since MH3U, and seeing all it's new moves I was inspired. It's so fun fighting a monster you think you know like the back of your hand but then out of no-where it'll throw a bunch of new moves and attack patterns at you, and this is what fighting these "White Variants" will be like. Every fight will be unique, want a challenge? Well they're here to bring it!

(Please let me know what you think of this! I know this would never happen, I mean from a programming stand point it'd probably be near to impossible but it's just a neat concept I'd love to see someday!)

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