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Alchemy Style kind of rocks.

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Seriously. I've been playing Alchemy-style Sword and Shield, and it feels like cheating that I can retain so much of my moveset but get so much sweet shit. It feels like mom told me to take half the donuts but I took three fourths of them.

Three hunter arts, and as many SP ones as I want… That's kind of alright, I guess. I mean, if I wanted to go full bore on hunter arts I'd go Striker for the increased gauge rate and the gauge regen in SP mode, but being able to have three is good.

But then, SP Mode Mark III? I beeline for that because it's unreasonably good. Giving your entire party regenerating health for as long as SP Mode lasts is incredibly good, not only does it help people survive, it also decreases the frequency at which people have to stop and chug that sweet green life-giving juice, which means a lot more time spent doing damage. I'm still not sure what Mark II gives and Mark IV is if I recall just 5% extra stagger power which is alright, but holy crap Mark III.


Alchemy Whetstones are great, letting you get your arts faster to keep SP mode up longer or, y'know, just put out your important arts more often. Immunizer is great for healing, though you might as well set off Mark III since I don't think they stack. Alchemy Fireballs are great damage in low and high rank (wish they'd scale with weapon power Or Something, honestly), the earplugs help with pricks like Diablos or Khezu a ton, and Alchemy Cheer right before an opening (like an incoming mount) can result in a hunter art chain that could make any monster shit their proverbial britches.

It's so much, y'all. You get so much out of this style, and I only ever see people talk about the movesets and triple Hunter Arts.

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