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All about charged shells. Gunlance tip of the day 2.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - All about charged shells. Gunlance tip of the day 2.

I'm posting on text form the content of the series I'm doing about gunlance of short videos with just one topic instead of long guide that can contain outdated info.

First are the damage numbers.

A charged shot with artillery 5 and felyne bombadier do 270 damage on Long 6 and 250 damage on Wide 6 (just a 8% diference). Both using WSB.

This translates on DPS of over 10,000 TRUE damage in one minute. TRUE means that ignores hitzones. Monsters in Iceborne have 30,000hp top outside investigation weirness. This means if you get a good uptime, you can kill anything under 4m.

Focus do affect charged shells by a good marging. Going from focus 2 to focus 3 is a 5.8% extra sustained dps. If you can't get artillery 5 and focus 3 it is preferible to have artillery 3 and focus 3. the loss is a 8% but free up your build of zorah pieces resulting in more indirect dps gain.

On wide you get more damage if you use poke shell combo, through. On wide charged shells are good when you are on green sharpness and know that your attacks will bounce so you can use shell shell charged shell to keep attacking instead dropping an opportunity for damage. I wouldn't invest on focus but it is an option if you want to.

Besides the high damage, charged shells get a +20% to stagger and part break. On long, this means that the effective stagger is over 200 for each shell, charged shells destroy legs.

Charged shells are normally done by holding shell after any attack or a quick reload. The pefect unfailable timing for chaining shells is when you see the damage on screen, hold the button then.


But there is one way to use it without having to throw an attack. For that you must use the forward lunge move (forward + stab) and while your character is stepping forward hold the shell button.

This also works for the one you do with the weapon shealthed.

Other advance charging technique is that if you tap up or down while charging (is a bit tricky with focus 3) you can change the angle of your charged shot being able to shoot on diagonal or upward. upward shelling is good because has zero pushback on recoil and hits flying enemies.

The final most important advance technique to master is to cancel charged shells.

While you are charging, if you evade, you will inmediately hop canceling the charged shell.

This makes charging shots extremely safe since you can do it when a monster faces you knowing he is going to attack.

Also I use it a lot when I stagger a monster and steps back out of range. If you cancel the shell, you don't spend the shell and save a bit of sharpness.

So never hesitate about starting the next charged shell, think about evading if you need it.


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