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All Lancers Unite for a revolt!

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Our favorite weapon of choice, the Lance has been the underdog of the series. It's a weapon with a perfect balance in defence and offence, but has nothing particular that would really make it shine above the rest. Even with the addition with Power Guard and other movesets, the weapon just offers a mediocre hunting experience. you will not be underwhelmed by it, nor will you be overwhelmed.

Now, you could argue that the next thing I'm about to write could be applied to YOUR favorite weapon instead and to some extent you might be right on the money. But let's set that aside for now.

Ever since Capcom announced the community design contest for MHW it has bothered me that they went ahead and made yet ANOTHER Greatsword the winner of the contest. We had a similar contest in MHTri, but with 3 victors and all 3 weapon designs got into MHTri.

Namely these three:

(Japan had different designs)

Now it was a sad day when I saw that the Greatsword was the winner, simply because of a very simple truth;

It is inherently an unfair contest when you take into account that people are voting for their favorite weapon "class" and not the "design" of the weapon. Not all however did this and I'm sure there's many of you who DID vote based on design, but majority most likely voted just because of the favorite weapon of choice.

Let's look at some of the numbers:


Now, there are other polls and strawpolls that you can look at with some of them making Lance more relevant, but those are mostly inside a very small controlgroup, which is MonsterHunter

So when you take into account the usage ranking of these weapons, the contest was not only unfair, but also unjust. When a Lance had a 2% usage rating 4months ago when the game was barely out for 3months you can guess what it was BEFORE the release when people didn't even know if the Lance had anything new added to it.


Thus, I ask all Lance users to unite, unite as the frontline and revolt. Make Capcom hear us, we need our weapon of choice to be heard, to make it relevant again. We are a dying breed underneath all the Greatsword and Charge Blade users and thus we ask, that the Lance that was shown in the Weapon Contest for MHWorld is to be made a reality inside the game.

This needs to be in the game. (Artist unknown at this time)

A special mention to Nautilus, for their entry.

Also, keep in mind that I'm not completely serious. (Mostly wanted to make a fun post)

Also Summer Festival is supposed to give us a new Lance anyhow, right?

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