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An easier way to beat Arch Tempered Kirin

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This is my easy mode guide for Arch Tempered Kirin. A lot of people have had trouble with Kirin even before this version so it's understandable that people are struggling. I think this is because Kirin is one of those monsters you really want to build a set around but people don't bother to do that. Once you understand the fight, it becomes a LOT easier.

The weapon

I think the easiest weapon to face Arch Tempered Kirin with by far is Gunlance. Don't worry if you haven't used Gunlance before, the play style for this hunt is very simple and I'll go on to explain this later.

As for which Gunlance, any wide level 4 one works. I went Tarroth Buster Bomber, which is the rank 7 version. The rank 6 version, Bomber Gold Exploder, is technically better for this hunt due to the extra augmentation slot but I like the look of the rank 7 once better and is better for a more balanced play style for other monsters. I've augmented my Gunlance with double health regen, which is over kill to be honest but the other options are irrelevant since we only care about shelling damage.


The reason why the only criteria we are looking for is wide level 4 is that shelling will account for most of our damage. Shelling damage is generally a set amount based on the shelling type and level. Wide level 4 is our best option.

The great thing about gunlance shells is that they ignore monster armour and always hit for full damage and never bounce no matter where they hit.

If you've tried hunting Kirin with any melee weapon you know how much of a game changer this is. Last but not least is the shield. This blocks the majority of Kirins attacks.

Armour and decorations

Since we only care about shelling damage, that gives us a lot of room for defensive skills without sacrificing attack.

Here's how the set looks

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