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An Elitists guide to MHGU: Who to kick, and why.

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Struggling with great macao, and want to work with only the best because you're too impatient or bad to solo everything, but don't want to deal with other people who are too impatient or bad to solo everything either? Want to maximize your efficiency instead of relaxing and just having fun? Guild Marm not returning you calls any more? Think lifepowder is for chumps because others should have brought their own damn potions, especially you because you never get hit, ever? Then hunting naked, and this guide, is for you!

This is a prequel to my previous guide, the elitist's guide to picking the right hunters. That guide covers most of the weapon types, as well as most armor sets. This guide will be going over different territory. Anyone who has not read the previously posted guide will be kicked immediately.

Player posts a non-key quest: You want to hit high rank then g rank as soon as possible. So any time not spent completing a key quest or urgent quest is suboptimal. Avoid. Kick immediately if possible.

Player posts a Key or Urgent Quest: They'll kick you from the group as soon as they are done, and refuse to help you with your own keys and urgents. Avoid. Preferably through Kicking immediately.

Player using armor sets that don't reach the max rank of a skill, or have excess points:

Will lower group DPS due to inefficiencies in their build. If anyone has ranks in a skill that aren't exactly at a threshold, kick immediately.

Players using cookie cutter armor sets:

Haven't gotten in the practice on every monster they need to succeed at G rank. Will cart repeatedly due to inexperience. Kick Immediately.

players with optimal "God charm" charms:

Will play poorly due to severe fatigue from having played 400 straight hours of monster hunter without food, sleep or water and several fatigue induced heart attacks. Kick immediately.

players without optimal charms:

Haven't put in the required hours to get halfway decent gear, and will cart repeatedly and lower group DPS through inexperience. Kick immediately.

Hunters who use throwing knives: Wish they were still playing MHW and are used to the crutch of having a slinger. Will lower group DPS by carrying inferior items, and wasting time using them.

Verdict: Kick immediately.

Players who brought either pickaxes or bugnets to ANY hunt, even uragaan or zinogre:

Needs the crutch of extra materials brought in during a hunt. Will reduce group DPS by mining or bug chasing while the monster is RIGHT THERE TURN AROUND YOU IDIOT IT'S GOING TO-



Players who bring powders: They assume you or the other players are going to be bad, or need the crutch of other players not carting to succeed at a hunt, and have wasted their item slots. Will cart because they don't have enough space for megapotions and max potions and their subcombines, and aren't using the far superior wide range skill. Kick immediately.


Prowler Mode: Anyone who uses prowler mode is a casual and needs the crutch of having three lives to not cart. Will lower group DPS by being a tiny adorable cat who runs back to camp every two times they get knocked over. Kick Immediately.

If they are using boomerangs, they haven't realized yet that boomerang strats were indirectly nerfed in MHXX by other skills being made stronger. Kick immediately.

If they are not using a boomerang build, they clearly haven't read anything about the game and are just trying what they think is fun, instead of taking it as deadly serious as you do. They will lower group DPS by using a suboptimal build. Kick immediately.

Guild style: Not good enough to learn new techniques, and stuck in their ways. Will reduce group DPS by being unyielding, unadaptable, and uncompromising. Kick immediately.

Aerial style: Wishes they were playing Devil May Cry, and need the crutch of a jump button. Will reduce group dps by always going for mounts instead of just hitting the monster. Kick Immediately.

Adept Style:Wishes they were playing Bayonetta. Needs the crutch of extra iframes, but doesn't want to actually equip evade up or evade extender. Will reduce group DPS by evading directly into attacks and carting like an id*ot because of it. Kick immediately.

Striker Style: Wishes they were playing Viewtiful Joe and are probably salty Viewtiful Joe 3 hasn't come out yet. Needs the crutch of extra damaging normal attacks because they didn't stack enough offense skills. Will cart repeatedly because they didn't take a less aggressive style. Kick immediately.

Alchemy Style: Wishes they were playing Donkey Kong Country. Needs the crutch of a styrong group to carry them. Will bring down group DPS by having low individual DPS. Kick Immediately.

Brave Style: Wishes they were playing Bravely Default instead. Or watching DBZ. Needs the crutch of brave mode and brave evades instead. Will reduce group DPS by constantly glowing and shouting while waiting to be kicked immediately. Oblige them and kick them immediately.

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