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An epic poem about a story in Monster Hunter.

MonsterHunterWorld10 - An epic poem about a story in Monster Hunter.

So, my AP English teacher had my class make up our own epic poems for a project grade. I was unsure on what to do mine over until my friends suggested MH. I was interested in this, and I brainstormed some more with them and got to typing afterwards. This came out to be the end result. I thought that it would fit here, and I hope you enjoy it. Much love.

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Glory and profit went to the hunters of
The Fifth Fleet! For adventurers brave enough
Were they to explore the New World
And hunt the monsters that hid many a mystery.
Plenty a hunter hunted plenty a monster
Each with the aid of his reliable
Palico – a feline creature-friend
Which assists the hunter and his
Hunter-troupe. From the myth-beasts that the
Hunters pursued came many hides and horns
Which the scale-smiths refined into many
Weapons and armor types used in hunting.
But alas! No hunter did claim the magnitude
Of prestige as the ever-famed Sapphire Star –
Hunting ever only the strongest foes:- from the
Thunder-horse Kirin to the fire-king Teostra.
One savvy hunter, ears ringing of the Star’s
Feats and ’counts, took part in the hunting initiative.
Ketsuiyo, his name, and his standing at a low,
Had anticipated a way to prove himself
To the Hunter’s Guild. A long-standing quest
Was issued for the target of a wrath-beast.
A world-eater, a Savage Deviljho,
Hampered the Guild’s effort in the Hoarfrost Reach.
A foul creature of destruction and havoc,
As long as a clipper-ship and taller than so,
Possessed a rusty green palette and
Red and black draconic bolts exhaled to scorch the world.
When his ears detected this dire dilemma,
He at once went to Eriana, his quest-handler,
And said, eagerly, “This is my chance, Eriana!
Now comes the threshold of my ability –
My crucible of strength and wit! I must declare my
True worth to the Guild and demonstrate the
Determination that lieth within my soul.
Far too long have I been denied this honor
And gratification! I must show them. I must!”
Eriana responded to his pleas with
Loving and careful judgement; for she saw
Within him something that no other hunter
Beheld ever since she signed to be his partner:
A hidden ambition, a pursuit of power;
But more than these was a desire to
Live up to the hunter name and start his
Journey to prestige greater than the Sapphire Star.
Eriana was a wise woman and kinder so;
She always advised him in his conceited falls
And was like a mother to Ketsuiyo.
She saw that he was eager and gave him the mission.
“Are we gonna train more in the arena
Today, meowster?” queried Peregrine to his master.
“Nay, not today, ” spoke Ketsuiyo, brimming with
Ambition. “Today, Peregrine, we seize our honor!”
They jigged a fair bit before gathering their
Equipment: strong-bow and arrow-coating, still fresh
From the foundry; a wrist-slinger fastened tight
To his arm, cocked to volley hindrance to any
Unfortunate myth-beast; and a plethora of
Potions and herbs to accelerate performance.
For Peregrine, he equipped a mini-hammer
Crafted from the bone-skin of a Radobaan,
Built to banish any monster to the realm of sleep,
And a multitude of vigorwasp concoctions
Made for the distribution of renewal mists
For the purpose of healing his master in battle.
After a hearty meal of meats and bread and beer,
The trio set out on their trip, eager for the challenge.
After trekking a few hours, they arrived
At the first guild camp area, supplies at the ready.
Ketsuiyo and Peregrine waved Eriana
Farewell while she, wistful in her eyes, admired
The duo and how they both have matured over
The years. Brushing away tears, she returns to
Her task of preparing more gear for dispense.
On arrival of the white-canvased tundra,
They noticed streaks of crimson and the gore-riddled
Corpes of wulgs, popos, and cortos accented by
Scratches and teeth-marks singing with dragon energy.
They noticed a three-pronged footprint in the scarlet snow
Larger than four of one Peregrine. They
Gathered a sample and released some scoutflies
To light the way to the domain of this wrath-monger.
They trekked and tracked and followed the scoutflies
While noticing that the trees were withering
And the endemic life was scarce; they deducted that
The Hoarfrost was hollowing away — all to the beast.
Ketsuiyo and Peregrine arrived to the entrance
Of the Hoarfrost tunnels, not vibrant with
Life as it should be. When they approached, Vespoids
Flocked and fled the cave as a muffled snarl pierced the dark.
As they trudged through the moss-lit caverns,
The smell of carcasses and blood filled their senses.
They eventually heard a nearby thud as the
Scoutflies retreated back into their mini-cage.
The hunter and palico hid as they soon beheld
The culprit responsible for this carnage:
A well-statured Savage Deviljho, with a mouth
Fuming with dragon-breath and wrath-smoke.
They braced for the imminent battle as Ketsuiyo
Loaded his slinger and Peregrine drew his hammer.
As they prepared in stealth, they noticed that the myth-beast
Possessed a chipped fang and perceived then that this
Was no mere Deviljho. Tales of a troupe of hunters
Described their failure to apprehend such a beast
And how one hunter strained to strike a fatal blow
To this mighty monster only to bounce off by luck,
Donning the beast by the name of Splinter-tooth.
Peregrine urged then to retreat and call for aid,
But Ketsuiyo reminded him of their journey
Leading up to this one moment in their lives and
How such a moment could not be more fated.
Peregrine then reluctantly agreed with his
Master before readying his hammer for battle.
A stone from the slinger leapt past the myth-beast’s snout,
Dragging his attention to the noise and likely prey.
A sharp pain struck its snout as the hunter reeled
In his clutch-claw hook and latched onto its head.
As the beast aired his roar, he was derailed by the
Second sharp pain of the claw striking his nostril.
In quick succession, the hunter dug the slinger
Filled with stone into the beast’s eye and let loose
His payload with a shout, sending the monster
Careening into the wall. Down came the beast onto
Its side. Ketsuiyo drew his strong-bow and let loose a
Package of spiked stones which stuck to the ceiling and
Rained down upon Splinter-tooth’s cranium.
With inflamed rage, the monster soon got back up on
Its two legs and let out an earth-splitting roar.
Splinter-tooth charged the hunter and his palico
In raging frenzy and bolts of red lightning.
Arrow after arrow was released in this dance
Of war, as well as mists of dark energy flooding
The area. Ketsuiyo dodged each strike and blow
With dodge-rolls and flash-steps; and each time that he
Received a blow, Peregrine was there to heal him
With vigorwasp dust. The struggle ensued throughout
The entire area. Finally, when Ketsuiyo
Loosed a colossal stalactite above Splinter-tooth
With a stray arrow, the brute fell and squirmed to
Get back on his feet. Ketsuiyo then loosed a
Dragon-piercer arrow down the length of Splinter-tooth,
Injuring him severely. Despite this ailment,
However, he rose and limped away a
Hunter and palico rushed in pursuit.
When at last they rediscovered the beast, they
Found him to be in shallow sleep, rejuvenating
His wounds. They decided that their challenge was over
And leapt in quiet joy prior to dealing the last
Blow. Before they could, however, they were halted by
A spine-tingling, primal bellow that woke
Splinter-tooth from his short slumber. Before either
One could react, a tempest of lightning and fur
Struck Splinter-tooth; and both creatures raged against
Each other for a moment before a fatal blow
Was dealt to the now once-mighty Splinter-tooth.
Ketsuiyo and Peregrine stood in fear and shock as
The victor crawled out of the dust and revealed itself.
This new foe had sensed the battle from afar and came
To investigate; for the ever-enraged Rajang
Never passes up an opportunity to fight.
Fast as lightning and rage equal-strong as thunder
In a storm raging in the ever-dark night
In a tumultuous clamour and resounding
Destruction, the Rajang is a primate-like beast
With long spiral-horns and arms with strength to lift mountains.
They have always plagued the Guild with issues,
Especially those without tails; for those that lose this
Extremity are always enraged and never culled.
This one was one such beast, for it was enveloped
In gold lightning that crackled and sparked with every move.
At less than a moment’s notice, the beast leapt toward
The duo in a ball with little time to react.
They were both sent flying by the impact and were
Dazed for a brief moment. When they came to, they saw a
Figure barraging the beast with exploding shells from
A light bow-gun. They soon saw that his movements
Matched the rajang’s, and each shot was true to its prey.
They noticed his prowess and immediately knew
That the Sapphire Star had joined their fight.
The two were motivated by this and decided
To join the fight at the Star’s side. When he became pinned
By the beast, Ketsuiyo would loose an arrow to its
Head; and Peregrine would reinvigorate his new
Ally’s energy. Man, monster, and palico waltzed
In exchanges of lashes and arrows and bombs.
Soon, Ketsuiyo flowed in synchronization with
His hero; once the monster had received enough
Hammer impacts from Peregrine, the beast fell
In a drowsy manner. With the set-up of
Wyvern-blast mines from his new friend, Ketsuiyo
Loaded his strong-bow with many arrows tipped with stone
And released with a warcry “A Thousand Dragons”
In a widespread cone of destruction and fire, thus
Setting off one final explosion ending the beast.
Exhausted, Ketsuiyo collapsed before
Even forming a thought but was grabbed before he
Impacted the snow. In a trance, he saw the Sapphire
Star smirking at him with impression as he drifted off
To unconsciousness. When he awoke, he found himself
Lying on a cart headed back to the guild with a
Bag of carved materials at his feet. “Was it
A dream?” He questioned himself. Before another thought,
He looked beside to find “him” sitting beside
Him. He was star-struck; this was the Sapphire Star
Himself! He looked Ketsuiyo over and said calmly,
“That was a battle to remember. Thee hath performed
Swiftly and admirably. What is thy name, unknown
Hunter?” Ketsuiyo realized his position while
Peregrine jumped to his arms, happier than a
Jagras with a full stomach. He then uttered
A sentence that would mean the start of his journey
To true honor and heroism: “My name is
Ketsuiyo, and I am going to be the
Greatest hunter that ever lived.” And after that
Day, so he did.

The End

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