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An improved approximation of elemental weaknesses.

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So the original goal when i set out for this, was to get a better representation of elemental weaknesses for various monsters. There is no true way to do this, but we can approximate to some degree. The best place i believe to start with, is with how resistances work on monsters. Each monster has a multiplier for each part of its body, this is a % of the damage taken from the weapon, and has separate multipliers for raw, and elemental. Great Jagras for example, has a 80% damage weakness to sever type damage, 85% to blunt and 75% to shot damage on its head, however this is only the raw component of the damage, G.Jagras takes 30% of the fire elemental damage regardless of type.

The next important factor is relativity. A monsters HP is balanced to give it a certain lifespan, and this can be considered fixed. So if we have a monster for example with 4000 life, and a 50% weakness to sever, 20% to fire and we have a monster with 8000 life, 100% weakness to sever and 40% to fire, then they are functionally identical and elemental damage is just as important on each. However with one, the numbers are larger, you just need more of them.

The next annoyance, is that raw damage is based on motion values, a % damage attached to each move that changes the size of each hit, and elemental damage is a flat added damage, the same for each hit. This means there is no true way to give a quantifiable importance to elemental damage. But, if a monster has the same sever weakness, but different elements, then the ratio between them is of importance. So if a monster has 50% sever, 10% fire, and 20% water, we can say that water is twice as effective. It may be the difference between 3% damage boost and 6% or 15% and 30%, depending on the weapon, but the ratio between them is the same. Just as a monster with 50% sever and 20% fire, takes twice as much elemental damage in relative importance then one with 100% sever and 20% fire, despite having much bigger damage numbers in the second case.

So i’ve compiled a list of all the hitboxes according to kiranico and divided the elemental, by the hitbox of the head (some exceptions) since this is the most common target. The highest value was then taken, so i then divided all by 10 times that number in order to linearly convert to a 1 to 10 scale. On this system, a monster with say a 10 rating, takes twice the relative contribution of elemental damage than a monster with a 5 rating. Linear conversion changes for each type, so it was 0.06 for sever and 0.0667 for blunt and shot.


Important to keep in mind, is that this is only for the monster’s relative elemental weakness, and does not take into account individual weapons spread of element to raw, if a monster has a 10 star weakness to fire, its not suddenly going to make greatsword a viable elemental option. This also means that if the training pole numbers of 80% sever and 30% elemental are taken to be true, then the training pole has a weakness of 6.3, which is remarkably close to the overall average, of 6.5. If anyone has suggestions for what is a more likely target in a fight than the head, please feel free to say so and i’ll adjust it. Its ultimately a personal decision so i choose head for consistency outside of select monsters (mainly ones that bounce the head and have really low values)

So a brief summary of the actual numbers is in the table below, but the raw data is available here

For sever type damage (the others don’t vary particularly much from this, and can be seen in the google doc) the following is my conclusion.

Great Jagras6.3Fir
Kula Ya-Ku3.9Wat
Pukei Pukei6.7Thn
Tzitzi Ya-Ku5.1Thn/Ice
Great Girros6.3Wat
Pink Rathian8.3Drg
Azure Rathalos8.3Drg
Black Diablos9.3Ice
Kushala Daora6.1Thn
Vaal Hazak8.3Fir
Xeno Jiiva6.7Drg

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