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An ode to Hyper Monsters making me feel alive again

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So I've been playing GU a lot, mostly during breaks at work, while playing World at home on my PC. But I'm fast approaching HR100 in World, and with it the last conceivable challenge I'm going to have until Kulve Taroth comes out. Sure there's the Autumn Harvest next week and FINALLY my chance to get the Wyvern Ignition Impact, but that's mostly bragging rights rewards.

On the other hand with GU, I've only just finished just the initial batch of High-Rank village quests. Nothing too tough there; though Valstrax was everything I hoped it would be in terms of both challenge and catharsis factor after timing out against him so many times in the demo. Valor style was extremely slick and fun to use, encouraging more aggressive builds but allowing player skill to account for defense in a demonstrable way. All that was left was to finish the new High rank hub quests and I could finally start G-Rank, and although much of it was the same old stuff, I knew there were some once-Event exclusive Hyper Monsters waiting in the wings. I'd already cheesed Hyper Silver Rath with Aerial Greatsword, but the others still remained… and I'd never even fought Hyper Rajang or Deviljho.


And when Hyper Rajang was carting my maxed-out (for high rank) armored ass when I was at 60% HP or above even when Felyne Defender procced, I had remember this shit was the norm with high-power Hyper Monsters. Even Valor evasions would still inflict damage to me. Every mistake had the potential to be cart-worthy, and I had to actually reach into my inventory and find openings to drink Mega Potions or Ancient Potions, a non-issue in World where I GL'd it up and had myriad options for free healing between Vitalilies, Vigorwasps, and the Health Booster. I'd have to scramble to zone boundaries to heal and then hope and pray Rajang wasn't waiting on the other side with a meaty left hook timed just for my return (one time he did). I had one attempt that was going well until a chance mistake got me carted, and I grappled with giving up or continuing, only to keep at it and be rewarded with breaking one of Rajang's horns… which I took as a sign to keep going. Did clear that fight after about 30 minutes… and then I knew the others would be of a similar caliber.

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Deviljho was somewhat similar, except I cleared that quest by the skin of my teeth with less than 90 seconds left, his sheer damage output and aggression a counter to Valor's playstyle. I honestly might go back to Guild style to deal with this in the future. But then again maybe that's not the solution either.

But I missed this. There was a tension to it all and maybe it was just because in World I could hide behind a big beefy shield and only a handful of moves could hurt me, but things felt a lot more tactical, while not taking away any options I would normally have to deal with these monsters. Looking at you "Tempered Monsters become immune to flash pods!" patch.

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