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An old hunter, and Old Friends

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I've seen so many wonderful new hunters as this community swells. Seeing monster hunter explode thanks to world has made me so exceptionally happy, and it made me want to ramble like the old man I am to share my roots as a hunter.

I can't quite recall how young I was. 14? I was at a random best buy, and saw a random game called "Monster Hunter" for ps2. It was 30 dollars off. My step dad was trying to convince me to buy Tiger woods 2006, but the moment I saw this random red dragon on the game..I was sold.

I'd never played a game like monster hunter. It sucked me in. Building up. Getting gear, harvesting everything, etc. I loved it, and the monsters were amazing. I'd even had a friend get into it, though we could only play online at his house since I didn't have internet back then. So we'd take turns.

I remember getting stuck against the Rathalos and I simply COULD NOT beat it with my greatsword or hammer. So I tried light bowgun. I wasn't very familiar with it, but beat it on my third try with the Azure Shotgun. I remember my friend and I shouting with such hype when I won, because he'd beaten it before me. This was made even better because right as I killed it my mom turned the corner and said "I'm going to get more furniture, do you boys want to come with me to check out couches?" And we were just shouting "YES!!!!" it was..quite a thing.


Time went on and I started rocking online more and slowly found a group. I rememmber them. I was the light gunner, Shaedog. My partner in ranged devastation, Caboose, a female gunner who used a heavy gun. Then there was Bluedog. Oh man. This guy was a wizard with the barb tusk lance and headlocking like a damn champion! Then there was blackdragon and his Lao Greatsword. Such a good player that managed to seldom trip us up. A…BIG problem back then for gs.

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Months, we fought together. Sometimes we'd do naked runs. Eventually Blue stopped logging on. Blackdragon was bummed about it, and slowed down in how often they got on. Until it ended up being just me and Caboose most times. We used to go to Green server, and just duo naked gunning runs. People would get mad because we'd be fighting diablos naked but when we never carted they stopped getting mad haha.

Then I went away for the summer. I'll never know what happened, but when I returned Caboose wasn't around. Did they think I left them too, like the rest of our group? Did they fear the worst? I'll never know. However I like to think, that their helping new hunters just as I've tried to, and though I'm sure I'll never see them again..I salute them.


Happy hunting, oldest friends and to all you new hunters, cherish your hunting partners.

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