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Analysis of the Gunlance Trailer

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Analysis of the Gunlance Trailer

This is this with footage comparing the moves with MH World and GU

This is all what I have spotted on the trailer about changes and new moves of the gunlance:

  • Aerial Rapid shelling:

First thing in the video. Basically you see the hunter doing fast shellings mid air. The shells are as fast as Valor¡s rapid shelling and also seems to keep you up on the air thanks to the recoil.

This will be very useful to deal with flying monsters or to focus on breaking heads. Thanks to the wire bugs, getting to the air is going to be easier than before. I'm only worried that this is replacing World's aerial burst that was cool as heck but underused because you had no easy way to get airborne.

  • Wyvern Fire:

Guard point! Guard point!

This will turn the gunlance most 'useless' move into one of the best tools. You can combo into Wyvern fire from virtually any gunlance attack. Before, if you wanted to guard with a gunlance, you had to totally stop attacking and hold the shield. This basically turns WF from a finisher into a counter attack. There is also a perculiar eletric effect on Wyrven fire here. The effect even seems to apply electricity into Arzuros…

The gunlance showcased here is Baggi and is not an electric one… This is misterious.

I have frame counted the timing into the explosion and is exactly the same than from world.

Other things we don't know yet is if you are still able to free aim WF and if the extra staggering bonus is there

  • Wyrmstake Canon

This is the move that more changes is getting.

In Iceborne, it was the gunlance strongest attack by far. I'm not exagerating at all that you could do 2000 points of damage with it. But also was a terrible move because two reasons:

1) LOW start up where the monster changed positions before you could hit him

2) You only could toss it after a low attack aggravating even more the first point. Now this is different.

By using slow motion, the attack now comes almost one second faster! Also, you can toss it now after a charged shell or the new SkillBind guard. So, you can use it like how charge bladers use SAED. Charged shellers also must be nutting right now.


There is also a change where the ticks are much much slower than before. This is a good thing now because will allow you to place it when a tripped monster is about to get up for chaining yet another trip. You could do this will old WS but was tricky as heck

  • SB 1. Aerial slam

The Wyvern fire reduction is of a 25% by looking the video. This is close to 15 seconds using world's values of cooldown with artillery 3. Considering that you are going to spam Wyvern Fire, this is cool.

Normally, a slam is followed up by a fullburst, but other options are a sweep or a Wyvern fire itself.

The problem I see with this SB is the same that I had with the famous rocket man hunting art, these kind of attacks including the fullburst takes too long to be practical… and you are expending wirebug uses with this, so my expectation of use of this SB are low.

I can change my mind if the cooldown is low enough to allow spamming.

  • SB 2. Guard Edge

I have a lot of questions about this SB:

How long is the cooldown?

Can you combo or cancel attacks into this?

It does recharge your clip and stake?

At the very worst, this SB still will see use because gunlance devours sharpness and because the follow ups. In the video we see the hunter using a slam and a wyrmstake after using it, and that is great.

Even if you can't combo into this, is still superior to a normal guard because the problem of normal guarding is lack of follow up attacks. I have hope it recharges your shells because the flash on the gunlance when you use it… let's hope is the case

A final mussing about the video is the weird ammount of shells in the video.

This is an early low rank set of armor and still we are seeing four shells in the video, so is weird having capacity up this early…

This means that shells ammounts are different?

A possibility is that they are finally ditching away shells types and instead they are giving us an universal gunlance able to fullburst and charge shells without penalty and that would be dope.

Let's dream on!

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