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Analysis of the success of Monster Hunter World!

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While probably everybody here has already heard about Monster Hunter World surpassing the 10 million sales milestone last month, I have been asking myself how much these numbers will impact the franchise. Thus, I have taken a deeper look into some of the available numbers and analyzed their effect on the franchise as a whole.

First of all, it is important to consider the sales of the other Monster Hunter titles in order to properly evaluate the Monster Hunter World sales. This list contains all Monster Hunter titles and the provided sales data from different sources:

  • Monster Hunter (PS2): 315,555 – 500,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter G (PS2): 230,000 – 242,129 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP): 1,300,000 – 1,340,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter 2 (PS2): 520,723 – 630,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP): 2,400,000 – 2,580,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP, PS Vita, iOS): 3,800,000 – 5,400,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter Tri (Wii): 1,900,000 – 2,230,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter Freedom 3/Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP, PS3): 4,900,000 – 5,370,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter Tri G/Ultimate (Wii U, 3DS): 2,600,000 – 3,530,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter 4 (3DS): 3,440,000 – 4,100,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter 4 G/Ultimate (3DS): 3,960,000 – 4,200,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter X/Generations (3DS): 3,550,000 – 4,300,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter XX/Generations Ultimate (3DS, Switch): 1,930,000 – 2,150,000 <1,2>
  • Monster Hunter World (PS4, XBox One, PC): 11,676,000 <1,3,4,5>

As you can already see, Monster Hunter World has already doubled the sales of the former best selling titles! Furthermore, it is the best-selling Capcom title of all time, as highlighted by the company itself!

This is already pretty impressive by itself, but even more so considering the console landscape in Japan! While the current generation home consoles, i.e. the PS4 and Xbox One, were globally pretty successful, selling over 120 million units together, the Japanese traditionally prefer portable consoles. The PS4, developped by the Japanese corporation Sony, has only surpassed 7 million sales last August, only one month ago! The XBox one is nearly non-existent in Japan. Thus, the 8,300,000 million sales on the PS4 and XBox One systems are even more impressive because the usually strongest demographic of Monster Hunter is not as dominant as in the past anymore. Supposing every home console owner only buys one copy for one of these systems, the sales suggest that 1 in 15 consoles owners, which is massive for the franchise! The main sphere of influence of Monster Hunter has finally shifted, after more than a decade, from a local scale to a global scale!


It is more difficult to calculate this number for PC because it is difficult to obtain a number of overall Steam users. However, the peak value for simultaneous Steam users is currently 18.5 million and if we would consider this number for our calculation, we would realize that 1 in 6 Steam users would play Monster Hunter. Nevertheless, there is a better method of evaluating the success of Monster Hunter World on Steam: By taking a look at the Steam Charts. Monster Hunter World currently fluctuates around the 4th and 5th spot on the list of top games by current players. Only PUBG, Dota 2 and CS: GO have more simultaneous players than World since its release in August. This parameter by itself is not sufficient to evaluate the succes of a game on PC because obviously newer games tend to have more players and with increasing lifetime lose players. However, the all-time peak value of simultaneously playing users on Steam is an excellent parameter to compare the success of games when they peaked. On this list, Monster Hunter World has reached the 6th all-time spot! 329,333 players were simultaneously online last August. The only games that had more players at once since the creation of Steam were PUBG, Dota 2, CS: GO, Fallout 4 and GTA V. <6> If Capcom manages to keep Monster Hunter World alive with frequent updates and possibly larger expansions, I could see World remaining in a very good spot for a long time on PC, too.

The last thing I would like to briefly consider is the stock value of Capcom. Considering the globally shifting values, these numbers are more difficult to judge, but certain trends can still be observed within certain confidence ranges. If you take a look at the stock value of Capcom, you will realize that it has drastically increased in 2018. The stocks went up from 11.79€ in December 2017, the highest value in the last 5 years before the release of World, up to 23.00€ in August 2018. The lowest value since the release of World for consoles was 13.79€ for a short period of time, which is still an 17% increase compared to December 2017. Since May the stock value has stabilised around 20.00€, which is a 70% increase compared to December 2017! Even if we consider favourable tides in economics, this is a tremendous increase! This phenomenon can't obviously be reduced to the influence of World only, however, considering the outstanding sales compared to all the other Capcom titles, the success of World certainly contributed to this shift.

Altogether, the success and influence of Monster Hunter World can't be understated and I certainly hope Capcom changes their initial plans of supporting the game for a period of only one year following the explosive sales and give us better and more frequent content updates than expected!







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