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Analyzing the Surveys: The Community’s Opinion (Issue #1)

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Firstly, thanks to everyone who participated!

EDIT: A new poll will likely be coming soon in order to compare and analyze bias between popularity and skill ceiling.

These surveys were a good bit of fun to conduct, and the discussions they brought to the table were very enjoyable to read. Now, without further a-do, let's get into the data.


Which Weapon Looks the Flashiest/ Most Stylish?923
What Weapon Feels the Most Powerful?1907
What Weapon Has the Highest Skill Ceiling?2505

Now, let's see how each weapon fared in the polls.

Weapon NamePlacement on PollsComments (The Community = Participants)
Greatsword(6/14)(1/14)(3/14)The community feels this weapon is decently flashy/stylish, but it's main draw is it's weightiness and the general powerful "feel" of the weapon. The community feels this weapon requires a good amount of skill to use.
Longsword(4/14)(7/14)(10/14)The community feels this weapon is pretty flashy/stylish, but it's just middle of the line when it comes to feeling powerful. The general opinion seems to be this weapon doesn't have a very high skill ceiling.
Sword and Shield(9/14)(13/14)(6/14)The community doesn't feel this weapon is very flashy or stylish, and generally people just don't think it feels that strong either. The opinion seems to be that is does have at least a little bit of a skill ceiling.
Dual Blades(5/14)(9/14)(14/14)The community feels this weapon is decently flashy/ stylish. but it doesn't feel that strong. The community seems to be of the opinion that this weapon has little to no skill ceiling what-so-ever.
Lance(12/14)(10/14)(11/14)This weapon just was not popular in any category. People don't feel that it's stylish/flashy, strong feeling, or skill intensive.
Gunlance(7/14)(8/14)(9/14)This weapon fared better than lance, but across the board, the community just found it to be middle-of-the-line in each category.
Hammer(11/14)(3/14)(12/14)The community feels that this weapon isn't too pretty to look at, but it feels super strong. It's of the opinion, though, that this weapon doesn't have a very high skill cap.
Hunting Horn(10/14)(11/14)(2/14)People don't think this weapon looks that flashy/stylish, nor do they feel that it feels strong. However, in the skill department, people generally feel this is one of highest skill ceiling weapons there are.
Switchaxe(3/14)(6/14)(5/14)The community feels that this weapon is pretty flashy/stylish, and gives off some mildly strong vibes. The community also feels this weapon has a decent skill ceiling.
Chargeblade(1/14)(2/14)(1/14)The community practically worships this weapon. In popular opinion, it's the flashiest/ most stylish weapon, it nearly feels the strongest, and it has the highest skill ceiling to boot.
Insect Glaive(2/14)(12/14)(4/14)In the eyes of the community, this weapon is stylin', but it doesn't feel that strong. It's also of the opinion that this weapon has a decently high skill ceiling.
Bow(8/14)(4/14)(8/14)The community seems to feel this weapon is just average in the looks department, but it feels pretty strong. The community also doesn't feel this weapon has a very high or low skill ceiling, just average in that department as well.
Heavy Bowgun(13/14)(5/14)(7/14)The community doesn't feel this weapon has any visual spark, but it feels decently strong and has a middle-of-the-line skill cap.
Light Bowgun(14/14)(14/14)(13/14)The community just does not care for this weapon in any way what-so-ever. Bottom of the polls in just about every category.

I'm still working with the data, searching for a bit more and comparing some other data still. I really hope you all liked these things, I know I enjoyed checking out the statistics!

As to the future of any more polls, I don't want to do it if it'd irritate the community, so I'll just… leave it up to a poll!

Do you want more polls?

Vote Here!

R.I.P Light Bowgun Fans

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