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Ancient Leshen Tips and Tricks

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Ancient Leshen Tips and Tricks

Hello fellow hunters!

I want to start off by saying that I'm no expert in fighting the Leshen, but I have some tips and tricks to share with you all so we can all have a much easier time on this difficult hunt!

Pre-Hunt Tips

  • Bring Flash Pods and Flashbugs (More on this later)
  • Bring Astera Jerky
  • Bring Mega Barrel Bombs (More on this later)
  • Put the "Witcher 3: Flame Manipulation" Emote on your Radial Menu
  • Bring Life Powder

I'd highly recommend defensive skills (health boost is one of the most efficient ones). In addition to that, health boosters are a life-saver since melee hunters can take quite a bit of residual damage from just standing next to the Leshen.

Starting the hunt

ALWAYS TRY TO KNOCK DOWN THE ROCKS ABOVE THE LESHEN AT THE START OF THE HUNT. I cannot stress this enough. It kills the little Jagras that he starts with and also does a large chunk of damage. Pick up some slinger ammo before you enter the area, and shoot the rocks as soon as your team enters the area.

Staying Alive

There's only three types of attacks that the Leshen has. I won't be covering the physical attacks as they're pretty straight forward. The other two types of attacks are Revolture attacks and root attacks. As long as you are always looking at the Leshen, you should be able to see these attacks coming.

Revoluture attacks really only come in two forms, but the Leshen will telegraph it by swinging one of its hands horizontally. The quicker attack shoots out 2-4 small flocks of Revoltures in a few different directions. This attack isn't super painful, but it's so fast it's sometimes really hard to doge. The slower attack shoots out a large wall of Revoltures. This attack is really hard to dodge unless you super man dive. This attack really hurts, so make sure to guard or dive.

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Root attacks are telegraphed by the Leshen bending down and touching the ground. There's what I'm calling the nova, and then there's the "pin". The nova is pretty simple, and comes in two variations. One is a small nova that only erupts in the immediate area around the Leshen, and the other is a Nova that erupts in waves that start in the Leshen's immediate area and then spread away from the Leshen. Again, the easy options are to either guard or superman dive. The other attack is a pin move, that will first root you in place and then eventually one shot you. While being rooted, you're unable to do anything and Revoltures will peck at you while taking chunks out of your health. The only ways to get out of this are to flashpod the leshen or use the Witcher emote to free your fellow hunter from the roots. This attack has a telegraph, since a small bunch of roots will appear under your feet before erupting. The Leshen really likes to do this attack to the hunter that is marked, so while marked try not to bunch up next to your other hunters since this move can pin more than one hunter.

The Jagras

As long as you drop the rocks at the beginning, the only time you'll have to deal with the Jagras is when the Leshen marks a hunter. When a Hunter is marked, a pack of 7-8 jagras will spawn and chase after the marked hunter. The best way to deal with them is to gather all of them Jagras into one large group, flashpod them to stun them, and then place two Mega Barrel Bombs in the middle of the pack. The two bombs should kill them (although must hunts we place an extra just to be sure). If there are any leftover, KILL THE JAGRAS. They are an actual pain and should be a priority over damaging the Leshen.

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Witcher Emote

DO NOT USE THE WITCHER EMOTE ON THE LESHEN WHEN IT IS BEING MOUNTED. It doesn't do a significant amount of damage, and it will end the mount prematurely. In the infrequent case of root walls being put up, use them to burn them down. You can use them to free your fellow hunters from the pinning attack, but flashing is much more practical.

That's all. Good luck hunting!

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