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Ancient Leshen’s Not That Bad: A Depthless Guide

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Ancient Leshen's Not That Bad: A Depthless Guide

So I've seen people complain about Ancient Leshen even saying its worst that Extreme Behemoth, and having completed them both a few times I am going to have to say that's gonna b a no for me dawg.

Edit: This ended up being a lot longer than I thought.

Reason #1 being Charybdis, and ExMoth growing flash immunity. Well the pecko pecko from AShen is pretty annoying and fatal if not careful it is by no means RESTRICTING like Charybdis was. Locking you in an area AND continuosly knocking you down if you are unlucky. Or it just straight up updates your game to the new Iceborne DLC and leaves you in a blizzard and you see nothing but howling wind.

Reason #2 Ecliptic Meteor. It is easily avoidable by hiding behind a rock, but you'd be surprised how many solid runs it ended. Maybe RNGesus was cruel and a leg hair was stickign out of the hitbox of the meteor, or a teammate gets a little too greedy with their attacks. Nonetheless if you don't make it to a meteor you are screwed. But with AShen's AOE party wipe attack you can cancel it with Flash.

So how do you deal with AShen then? There's no TANK mechanic and just being close as melee gets you a death by peckpeck.

Strats (I guess you can say strats? But I think it's just good habits to have in general for Raid-hunts):

POTS lots of em. The biggest reason I see people fail their run is over reliance on their healer. God bless them healers, the amount of resources they sacrifice to keep the team alive. But sometimes its just not eonugh. If you are low on health dont be hesitant to chug a pot or two, even if the healer use a potion it probably wont heal you to full. If the team just got nailed by an AoE throw some of that lifepowder out there. Make sure they can at least tank another hit for the healer to make it in time or if nothing else, protect the healer.

Resource management, don't be all gungho and run to the next location after AShen move to a new Zone. Go back to camp, refill your items, prep up and wait for the team. It would be foolish to not use that breathing room to be more prepared. The Igni Rune doesn't do damage or Stun like the one in the Special Assignment quest, so once you made enough KFC(rows) you might want to use that rune with discretion in case anyone gets trapped in the root cage. Sure every 3 Igni stuns AShen but if it means keeping a precious 1/3 death then I am sure that trumps any minis cue DPS you can dish out in the short period AShen is dancing in flames.


Mounting, I wouldn't say spending the entire hunt doing Jump attack to mount is a good idea. But In Zone 12/7/8/5 there are plenty of ledges to abuse. I would say you can probably do an average of 3 mounts per run which is enough wailing to probably cut the time of the hunt by at least 25%.

Possum it up and STAY DOWN and PLAY DEAD if you are knocked on your ass and AShen is in your general vicinity. The likelihood of AShen's attack doing more than half your health is very likely. If you get up right away with that 50% health you would be giving the AShen a buy one get one free deal with your life bar. Why not lie down so your healer can heal you while you have that Iframe.


I usually bring with me my trusty :

Temporal Mantle, never leave my tent without it for crazy event contents like these I think the reason is pretty self-explanatory.

Health Booster, oh yeah this baby, you can pretty much ignore the peckpeck if you place this in a nice spot. Helps out your healer too and could be pretty handy when someone is bleeding. Used in conjuction with your teammates own health booster and your healers super full bladder from chugging potions you are pretty safe save One Hit KOs.

Flash Bugs x 10: Refilling those flashpods you will be using a LOT of these through the fight, to unroot a teammate or stop AShen's AOE or stop his Crow Spam.

Flashpods x3: Self-explanatory. I perosnally always never use up all 3 flashpod, I tend to use only 2 and leave 1 so I can craft new ones without having to re-equip. Might be clutch or extra, but it's a personal preference.

Defense Buff Potions/Lifepowder/PotionsFarcaster: Panic button is the best button.

Gear: Anything you want as long as you have decent Defense or upgrade them. I do strongly recommend Health Lvl 3 in decoration some player say its a crutch but for raids like these i am simply not "good" enough and I rather be a noob than waste half an hour.TLDR: ExMoth is the real Chad of MHW.

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