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Anti-BS Lunastra Build

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Hello Hunters!

I still see a lot of posts with people struggling against AT Luna, and I am hoping this build that I used can help at least a small number of people:

I must first admit, this may not be an easy set to put together, the hardest components being Kushala's Gamma chest piece, the USJ Boots (if you didn't grab them), and the LBG itself, the Luna/Bazel combo. BUT if you can make this, it makes soloing ATL a lot easier. Thankfully the decos aren't super rare.

I was struggling against ATL in SoS groups, before attempting to solo with Lance but nothing worked, so I decided to focus on playing it safe. I actually had not used LBG before this but like all MHW weapons, I found it very easy to pick up. I believe this build would also work well with an ice bow if you can use that weapon better. You will have to find a way to force some stamina skills in though.


This build won't get you close to any speed runs but towards the end of my 7 hunts, my times were between 18 and 22 min, several of them I only carted once. You really have to focus on shooting specific parts of her body almost exclusively with Freezing Ammo. Your top priority targets are her head and tail. With Weakness Exploit and Elemental Crit, I was able to keep up consistently high damage once I was able to track her movements. If you find yourself facing her side, her wings are a good secondary target until you find a better angle. Don't forget that the Freeze ammo has a slight piercing ability, so try to shoot lengthwise down her body. Also note that your bullets will be blocked by the blue fire she leaves on the ground, so make a habit of kiting her away from it. I'll list a few regular openings I took advantage of:

  • When she flies, ATL will typically do 2-3 attacks before divebombing you. After the second attack, lay down a Wyvernblast and bait her into hitting it for some good damage. This tactic regularly caused her to trip upon landing, giving me a great opening for damage.
  • In general, it always best to lay Wyvernblasts when she is not putting pressure on you. Keep your distance and bait her into running over them. Just make sure you have a couple saved up for when she goes to sleep to put next to your Barrel Bombs.
  • When she is charging her dust, that is your cue to unload as many shots as you can to her head. I was able to sometimes flinch her here, delaying the next supernova.
  • She also stays open after using her long distance breath attack, just make sure to dodge to the side
  • If she is facing away from you, she will typically do her tail swipe. Focus on hitting her tail instead of repositioning to the head. I was able to do this more consistently after I trained myself to aim directly for her butthole.
  • If Lunastra is downed, after a trip or a hit from falling boulders, I typically unload all different kinds of ammo instead of wasting time reloading Freeze Ammo. Dragon Ammo is good if you are right on top of her, and then I switch to Sticky, then slicing, and back to freeze once she gets up.


The whole point of this build really. There are several QoL armor skills that make her mechanics less frustrating.

  • The Kushala set bonus is the saving grace against ATL's trump card: the super nova. With the wind pressure gone, I was able to consistently run away from her while chugging a mega poition, and I made it out of range before the shockwaves hit me. Once out of range, I laid down a wyvernblast because she will always run to you after shes done.
  • There were times when I was cornered and could not run out of range. Kushala's set bonus also allows you to easily throw down a farcaster even after she was started the supernova, so have one ready as a last resort.
  • The blight resist jewels will prevent you from catching on fire, so that's just one less thing to worry about
  • The stun charm will do its job and prevent some situations where a stun would inevitably cart you
  • I used the Temporal and Fireproof Mantles for this hunt. I recommend opening with the Fireproof since it has a shorter cooldown than the Temporal. I spent most of the hunt protected by either of these mantles.
  • I gave my Palico Coral Orchestra for the Earplugs, its not reliable but it can help. I also gave him a paralyze weapon and he usually got at least one paralyze off on ATL. I recommend giving your Palico the Vigorwasp Spray if you do not have a Health Regen Augment at your disposal.

Good luck!

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