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Any questions regarding any game in the series? I’ve got you covered!

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Any questions regarding any game in the series? I've got you covered!

Click on the community info if you're on mobile or look at the sidebar if you're on a desktop. We have a wiki. The wiki kind of sucks but…

We have links to other websites with a vast amount of knowledge to the FAQs that everyone continues to ask: kiranico, we have a fextra site specifically dedicated to MHW and reddit has a built in search function that you can use to answer most of your questions without even leaving the subreddit (click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page).

We have a sub if you're feeling frustrated (r/monsterhunterrage), we have a sub for builds (r/monsterhuntermeta), we have a sub if you're looking for hunting partners (r/monsterhunterclan) we even have a discord for real time discussion.


So please for the love of God: stop asking about how to get x item – all of the drop tables are listed in one of the resources I've posted above – with percentages! Holy fu*k so that's how I get wyvern gems and the chance I have to get them. Thank you kiranico!

Look, all I'm saying is at least try before you post a question that's been asked a million times or before you ask about a build that's been posted even more when you can be your own monster hunter encyclopedia!

No more waiting for users to respond when you can just search for it on kiranico or look at which builds are the most dmg for the different weapon types on the meta subreddit (or which builds will keep you from carting on AT Vaal/Kirin).

The internet is a limitless pool of information – put forth the effort and you too can be self-sufficient.

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