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Anyone else find it annoying that you can not change decorations in your tent?

A ya E n  SSa BA zWorld.0 1024x683 - Anyone else find it annoying that you can not change decorations in your tent?

Edit: People are suggesting that I make more loadouts. The problem is that I am playing many different weapons and am very much into min maxing . So currently I already have 40+ loadouts and it's starting to get very confusing. If they implemented this feauture I'd maybe have like 20 if not less.

*Edit2: I am talking about switching them before hunts. Not during a hunt. So before you start a quest but without having to go back to the town. People are still saying just make more sets and yes, of course that is a possibility but making an extra set only to have 3 blast or miasma resistance instead of vitality for example is just an uneccessary efford that could be easily avoided by this.


*Edit3: I am aware that you can name loadouts. But just imagine having 3 different GS sets, one crit draw set, one set with lifesteal and one normal full dps set. That's already quite a lot if you play many different weapon types (especially bow). Now if I then want to adjust each of those sets to small things like blast, miasma and so on, it's just not worth the efford anymore.

*Edit4 : you're all very cute to constantly remind me that it's an awesome game and that the QoL is better than ever. And hell yeah, that is totally true. But it's just something small, that would be just a nice feature. Just like it would be nice to be able to sort investigation by monster or rank, or to sort decorations alphabetically. Nothing game changing, just something that would improve the game a bit. And boi what more is the sea than a thousand water drops 🙂

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