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Anyone else super impressed with the Luna/Xeno HBG?

img intro02 1024x503 - Anyone else super impressed with the Luna/Xeno HBG?

I have to preface this by saying that I'd been using the Kulve Taroth "Support" HBG for a while, since the only HBG builds I enjoy using are Pierce/Cluster. And seeing as Cluster can be limiting when in multiplayer, Pierce tends to be the way to go for me (not much of a fan of Spread, really).

For reference, here's my setup:

So what does Xeno/Luna's Styx bring to the table that the Support gun does not? For one, a huge variety in ammo. I've been using 3 recoil mods and it has effectively brought most ammo recoil to +1 or +2 (even Pierce 3 which starts at +4 recoil). Having access to Pierce 1-3, Normal 1-3, 4 Slicing ammo, Sleep 1-2, and Cluster 1-3 is fantastic in my eyes. The Styx also gains 15 extra base damage over Support, and an extra decoration slot as well. However, it loses 10% base affinity, which may make or break crit Pierce builds such as the one I'm using.


Although reloading is generally listed as Slow, this isn't much of an issue because World doesn't really have enough fast monsters which force me to utilize a Reload mod.

The arrival of Lunastra means I'm given a gun that has 15 base damage over Kulve's Support gun (at the cost of 10 less affinity, sadly), bigger clip sizes for everything that isn't Pierce, an extra decoration slot, Wyvernsnipe (for a Pierce build this is beautiful), built in Razor Sharp/Spare Shot, and I can look good while running the set, too.

I started World as a HBG main, and I have to say that pierce is slowly getting better and better because it's being given more tools to work with.

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