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APEX madness (a.k.a. I don´t like drive wystone)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - APEX madness (a.k.a. I don´t like drive wystone)

Hello fellow G-rank hunters, there was an idea, what if… I want to fight APEX monsters… without wystone: drive? (Dramatic sound effect)

Now, maybe you´re thinking "sure, there´s videos of hunters fighting without Drive, or even without wystones", and I agree with you, but… if you pay atention, they always go hunt with the big weapons (GS, Charge Blade, etc.) that can head-snipe easily thanks to their high motion values and awesome range, but let me tell you…

I main duals

I want to fight APEX monsters without Drive… and using duals. (*gasp*)

I´ll call this the "M.A.D.N.E.S.S." project (Monster Ass De-apex´d Not nEeding Security Stones), also, Security Stone = wystone Drive

Why not using Drive?, this idea came from a pretty funny quest where Apex Rajang forced me to call him "daddy" while my Drive wystone was recharging as slow as possible while Super-Rajaying II kept Spirit bombing (a.k.a continental throw by experts) me back to camp, the I realized I hated that recharge time, and I couldn´t attack Raj´s face softspot without feeling scared of a pretty possible counter-attack, Drive wystone spoiled me to attack only his back legs, then running around like a headless chicken until it recharged an eternity later

So I had this wild idea: I need to knock him out of APEX dealing constant damage, I could only archive that if I learn how to attack only his softpots and using better wystones (like Attack or element + defense one) to the point of not needing to waste time fearing for my life when not having Drive ready


That´s where I would like to help me out please, i couldn´t find posts, articles or videos of how to improve my duals playstyle, or how many motion values damage(?) I need to knock Monsters out of Apex, can you help me with tips or links to videos/posts I didn´t discovered about hunting Apex without Drive?

I´m of course practicing to do so, but right now, I´m awful at this ( I´m RC: 255 G-gold crown with 650+ hours by the way), changing my playstyle to something even more agressive is pretty hard, but also fun!

My goal and the M.A.D.N.E.S.S. program succes will be definded if I see (or learn how to do myself) how to hunt every Apex solo, without Drive and using low range weapons like duals or sword & Shield

If you could share tips or videos of yourself or another person doing this, you´ll have my inmense gratitude

Also, If this ends up being a succes, I promise to write pretty in-depth guides about Apex monsters and the motion values needed for de-apexing, since there seems to be near to no information about this other than the wystones effects

And well… that´s all for today, as the legendary Aevanko would say: "Thanks and happy hunting :)"

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