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Arch Tempered Elder Builds ( don’t worry I got Behemoth covered )

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Arch Tempered Elder Builds ( don't worry I got Behemoth covered )

I spent the last month creating a counter build for each ATED to post in one big bundle today and then yesterday we got the announcement for AT Kulve and AT Nergigante. But whatever you're getting them whether you like it or not the rest can come later. Were still flying half a post at the least.

First off i gotta say, if you aren't running full health boost, don't try. Health boost is such a useful skill, one of the best defensive skills really. If you are running full damage builds you need to be great at not getting hit but I'm not that skilled so these builds will heavily focus on survivability.

AT Zorah

By far the EASIEST ATED in the game. This build was made to decimate the cores, destroy Nergigante and then bolt back and forth from the cannons.

Binder every time he charges up, make sure that if you are gonna restrain him, you call it out so nothing is wasted. It is best for the duty to pass between players so you aren't depending on one person to handle the responsibility.

As soon as you get to the cannon area, HIT THAT DRAGONATOR, straight away as soon as possible, that way you get to hit it just before the end and complete the hunt.

|Kulu head – Fire resistance + Health boost |Dober B – Health boost |Kaiser B – Health boost |Nergigante B – Focus |Dante A – Heavy artillery x2 |Focus Charm

|Wyvern Ignition Impact – Fire resistance x2 – Health + Affinity Augments

This gives you

|Attack boost 4 |Weakness exploit 3 |Focus 3 |Fire resistance 3 |Health boost 3 |Heavy artillery 2 |Pro transporter 1

AT Kushala

IMO this ATED is difficult, but with preparation it is incredibly easy. I used Long sword for most of these builds as the counter is so useful. Don't get too co*ky though, the tornados are still a nuisance and you might be better off with a range build if it's too much of a problem to dodge but I never found it too bothersome.

|Kushala B – Health boost 3 |Kushala B – Weakness exploit |Zorah Y – Earplug + Attack boost |Bazel B – Weakness exploit |Kushala B – Weakness exploit |Attack Boost charm

|Sword Styx – Handicraft + Evade extender – Health Augment

This gives you

|Earplugs 5 |Attack boost 4 |Handicraft 3 |Evade Extender 3 |Health boost 3 |Weakness Exploit 3 |Ice attack 2

|Nullify wind pressure

AT Teostra

Right I'm not gonna lie, Teostra isn't too bad. The only scary part of The hunt is his supernova and his new move where he explodes the ground in front of him but if you're careful none of these are a problem.

Sorry for you PC players but you should be able to make this soon, any damage skills could fill these parts but they happened to be the best.

DO NOT FLASHPOD. BRING CRYSTAL BURST. I cannot recommend this enough it does a flashpods job, and you can use it over and over and over again, K?

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|Guild cross B – Divine blessing + Stun resistance + Attack boost |Kulve taroth B – Fire resistance x2 |Drachen A – Weakness exploit + Fire resistance |Drachen A – Weakness exploit |Drachen A – Critical boost |Health boost charm

|Azure star dragon dance – Weakness exploit – Damage + Health Augments

This gives you

|Critical eye 4 |Attack boost 4 |Divine blessing 3 |Stun resistance 3 |Critical boost 3 |Health boost 3 |Weakness exploit 3 |Fire resistance 3 |Power prolonger 1

|Elemental Airborne ( throwaway skill really )

AT Xeno

This is the only ATED aside from AT Zorah that i found easier to do in multiplayer. I did this fight with two high damage players, Bowguns in this case, and a support player. Speed eating was fitted into the set as we were dropping like flies and the healing had to be faster.

|Dragonking A – Health boost |Zorah Y – Speed eating x3 |Zorah Y – Earplug + Critical eye |Bazel B – Tremor resistance |Zorah Y – Weakness exploit + Blast attack |Handicraft charm


|Sword styx – Health boost x2 – Health Augment

This gives you

|Earplugs 5 |Weakness exploit 3 |Tremor resistance 3 |Blast attack 3 |Handicraft 3 |Health boost 3 |Speed eating 3 |Critical eye 2

|Critical status

AT Lunastra

Again, a fight i thought would be very difficult but it turned out to be easy as soon as you eliminate the supernova from the equation. The wind pressure is the big killer during her supernova but after that's gone its just the ticking of the fire on your health bar. After a market will immediately regain the red part of your health bar, it is incredibly useful and as long as you remain stocks up her strongest move becomes a joke. Stay away from the fire on the ground though as it can leap and knock you over which is a nasty way to cart. That only leaves the tail whip which is the worst move in the game, it is so OP.

|Kushala B – Divine blessing x3 |Kushala B – Weakness exploit |Kushala Y – Health boost x3 |Damascus B – Fire resistance x3 |Dante A – Ice attack + Attack boost |Attack boost charm

|Legal stealer – Health Augment

This gives you

|Attack boost 4 |Ice attack 3 |Focus 3 |Weakness exploit 3 |Divine blessing 3 |Health boost 3 |Fire resistance 3 |Handicraft 2

|Nullify wind pressure

AT Kirin

Pray for mercy.

|Guild cross B – Thunder resistance x3 |Kulve taroth B – Stun resistance |Kaiser B – Evade extender |Empress B – Critical boost + Divine blessing |Dante A – Health boost |Evade extender charm

|Wyvern blade indigo – Health boost – Health Augment

This gives you

|Divine blessing 3 |Stun resistance 3 |Critical boost 3 |Weakness exploit 3 |Evade extender 3 |Health boost 3 |Thunder resistance 3 |Tool specialist 2

AT Vaal Hazak

Stay near him at all times. Keeping behind his head could be the matter between staying nice and safe poking his weakspots and carting via gas deathray. Superman jumping will be integral to not dying if you can't get behind him but Evade extender should help enough.

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|Dragonking eyepatch A – Weakness exploit |Vaal hazak B – Health boost x2 |Vaal Hazak B – Effluvia resistance x3 |Vaal Hazak B – Health boost + Recovery speed |Kushala B – Evade extender |Handicraft charm

|Hazak grosser 2 – Peak performance – Damage + Health Augment

This gives you

|Weakness exploit 3 |Recovery speed 3 |Peak performance 3 |Evade extender 3 |Handicraft 3 |Effluvia resistance 3

|Super recovery

General support / Behemoth

In this build I use the empress Y helm but alternatively the wiggler helm can be used. If you have access to the empress Y helm then you MUST wear the wiggler layered armour. Studies have shown that a support who doesn't use the wiggler helm are actually having a negative effect on their team.

If you are really struggling with the Behemoth then I recommend having two crazy damage builds and a mounting glaive user to just sit on his back while the team fights him until he casts the ecliptic meteor. The support should keep him topped up on stamina and just keep shooting.

|Empress Y – Speed eating x3 |Empress B – Health boost x3 |Empress B – Piercing shots + Sleep attack |Bazel B – Sleep attack |Dante A – Sleep attack + Free meal |Earplugs charm

|Shell styx – Weakness exploit + Wide range – Damage Augments

|Wide range 5 |Earplugs 5 |Peak performance 3 |Weakness exploit 3 |Speed eating 3 |Health boost 3 |Sleep attack 3 |Piercing shots 1 |Free meal 1

|Stamina cap up

Enjoy your builds guys, these are by no means the best but they helped me out a lot. Until AT Kulve and AT Nergigante.

Happy hunting!

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