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Arch Tempered Kirin Safe-and-Easy LBG Build and Tips

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Right off the bat I feel the need to point out that this post is for players specifically looking for an easy approach to this fight. In my opinion, in its fundamental mechanics the Arch Tempered Kirin isn't really that hard. Once you get a sense for where its attacks land, they aren't terribly difficult to avoid. What makes the fight difficult is just that the huge bursts of damage leave very little room for error; if you are trying to get by on the merits of your skill, consistency is key. But as any veteran hunter can tell you, what you lack in skill you can make up for with preparation. I am not a great player by any means, but I have been able to consistently grind this hunt without carting more than once each time, which should tell you that this works.

This build is not 100% optimized (I will be curious to see what improvements are recommended), but it doesn't require any rare decorations and it allows you to survive your mistakes. There are definitely going to be a lot of ways to accomplish the same thing, this is just one combination of gear that has been field-tested. What's really important is the actual approach to the fight described further below, which hopefully can help you avoid getting zapped in the first place.


The key skills here are Health Boost and Thunder Resistance for survival, and the Spare Shot / Ammo Up skills to help us fire off more Slicing Shots. The nice thing about Slicing Shots is that the range of the shot doesn't affect the damage, which means that you don't need to worry too much about distance when you are avoiding Kirin's attacks. Also, I didn't show this in the images, but I have Gulgoleth's Wail customized for reload speed.

For your tools you definitely want to take Temporal Mantle and Thunderproof Mantle. If you don't have Temporal yet, get it! It's an extremely powerful defensive item, allowing you to automatically avoid multiple hits. Also, definitely take Thunderproof over Vitality as the latter gets used up completely after taking only one hit.

With this approach your priorities are survival first, dealing damage second. This means taking your shots only when you are sure of an opening, rotating your mantles efficiently, and making a careful recovery if / when you take damage. Your mantles are pretty key here, and I recommend being extra cautious when they are both on cooldown. The Temporal Mantle is powerful enough to warrant being a bit more aggressive while it is active, but treat the Thunderproof Mantle as just an added layer of defense and remain on your toes.

If you haven't already fought Kirin with a ranged weapon, you will notice that it is a lot easier to avoid her attacks than with a melee weapon. When you are at medium to long distance, just about every one of Kirin's attacks is telegraphed for you and relatively easy to react to. Also, as mentioned above we don't need to worry about staying in optimal range since our slicing ammo does the same damage from any range. It's simply a matter of staying mobile to avoid attacks while taking shots in-between. I find that I am only making one to three shots at a time, depending on the opening.


Be sure to stay aware of your ammo, as your reload animation will leave you exposed. This is especially true when drawing your gun; if you do this without a full clip you will go straight into your reload, which can really screw you up if you were expecting to remain mobile.

If you run out of ammo, heading back to camp to restock is no big deal. For most of the fight Kirin won't be too far from either of the camps, and being able to restock on potions and health pills is good as well.

Throughout the fight, you will snipe at Kirin's head with your Slicing Shots, but actually the bulk of your damage should be dealt with your Wyvernblast. For those unfamiliar with the LBG, the Wyvernblast ammo places a mine which deals damage when it is hit by damage. The mine can be triggered multiple times if hit lightly (up to a max of 5 blasts), while a heavier hit will cause it to detonate completely for a larger burst of damage. Getting even two smaller hits outweighs the damage of one heavy, so in ideal circumstances you want to try to trigger the mine with your normal 1 shots to chain together some damage.

In this fight, you really want to be smart about how you use your WB ammo, rather than just throwing them down anywhere and hoping for the best. I recommend learning to spot the following opening: Kirin will slow to a walk before standing still, at which point it will kick with its hind-legs and/or zap the area immediately around it. If you can do it safely, rush in to drop your mine while Kirin is strutting around and dodge back out, and Kirin will hopefully blast itself in the face when it begins to attack. This can be a risky maneuver, so if you are having trouble pulling it off maybe wait until you have your Temporal Mantle active. Again, avoiding Kirin's attacks should always be priority number one.

Also, I highly recommend always leaving one WB ammo up in case you manage to knock Kirin off her feet, which can happen if you hit Kirin with a shot in the right place at the right time (if anyone has any advice on how to do this reliably, let me know!). When Kirin is off her feet, rather than spam your slicing ammo you really will want to rush in, plant a mine, and then start spamming normal 1 shots at the mine. If you really want to max the damage, hit the mine only 4 times and hope that the Kirin detonates the final charge itself for a heavier burst of damage once she gets back up

For food, I recommend eating for Defense L, or perhaps going for Felyne Insurance if you are still carting often. I also recommend equipping your Palico with the Coral Orchestra rather than the Vigorwasp, as the buffs seem to provide a more consistent advantage than those heals which never seem to show up when you need them.

For my item loadout I take the standard stuff: Mega Potions, Max Potion, Ancestral Potion, Mega Demondrug and Armorskin, etc. Perhaps also worth mentioning that I like to take 2 Mega Barrel Bombs, 2 Large Barrel Bombs and 2 Demon's Blight shrooms so that I can lay a total of 4 bombs when Kirin goes to sleep.

I think that just about covers it, let me know what you guys think! Good luck!

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