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Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth siege guide

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth siege guide

This guide was written months ago by me and my friend, I want to upload this again for PC players.


Area 1 – Area 3

Weapons: The top choice is rapid-fire thunder ammo LBG (Styx and Kjarr Thunder) followed by thunder bow, or fast-hitting thunder weapons.

Armor skills: Partbreaker 3 and Health Boost 3 are mandatory. Bombardier 3 is also a very good investment since KT takes double damage from bombs. Following these skills you may fit in other standard damage boosting skills. If you are using ranged weapon drop Weakness Exploit since 90% of her parts are not weak to shot type damage.

Area 4

Weapons: Styx LBG with slicing ammo is safe and easy to use (use different armor sets and LBG mods than that of the thunder build). Slicing ammo does cutting damage so it will proc Weakness Exploit. All other weapons are viable as long as you can hit the head. Don’t use piercing bow/bowgun or cluster, as any damage that is not dealt to her head is pointless.

Armor skills: Partbreaker is pretty much pointless in area 4. Health Boost 3 is still mandatory. Bombardier 3 is mandatory if there is a chance for sleep bombing. Weakness Exploit still will not proc with shot type damage.

Bombs are very good against KT. You can bring 9 bombs with Devil’s Blight, Gunpowder, Large Barrel, Large Barrel Bomb, and Bega Barrel Bomb. Make sure you put crafting options for Large and Mega Barrel Bombs on your radial menu.

Reward conditions:

2 rainbow rewards from reaching reward level 17: Breaking everything on will give you these rewards.

2 rainbow rewards from single siege run: This means that at any point if you return from quest, leave the session, or triple cart on pursuit level 1 before breaking her horns, you will lose these rewards. If your team triple cart on anything other than pursuit level 1 you can still obtain these rewards.

2 rainbow rewards from breaking her horns in her fury state: To trigger her fury state break 15 gold plating parts. You will then get a phrase from the Admiral asking you to go knock her horns off. After a while in area 4, KT will enter fury state.

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The phrase from the admiral which indicates you break enough parts to trigger the fury state:

2 rainbow rewards from RNG, because no one knows how to trigger this one yet.

The Siege:

Pursuit level 1 (Butt-sniffing siege):

Area 1:

Main objective here is to collect tracks to raise the pursuit level. Higher pursuit levels will make KT stay longer and lower the HP of her parts and horns for the next siege. Ideally, you would want to collect all of the tracks and farcast back while waiting for KT to leave to avoid losing the “single siege run” reward condition from carting or returning from the quest. Forcing her into area 2, 3, or 4 is pointless and a waste of time during the first pursuit level. Enough damage will trigger KT to leave for area 2, so do not damage her and just pick up tracks until you are forced back to the Gathering Hub.


Pursuit level 3 or above (Horns break siege):

Area 1:

Use boulders and bombs in area 1 to break parts. She will tunnel once no matter what. Every time KT tunnels or digs all of her broken parts will regenerate with full HP. Her damaged but unbroken parts will not regain any HP. Enough damage will trigger her to leave for area 2.

flu5l9gq9ct21 - Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth siege guide

Area 2:

Every time your team breaks 5 parts she will dig. Keep breaking parts until you get the specific fury phrase from the Admiral. Make sure you destroy every previous unbroken part to reach reward level 17. After you get the fury phrase, you can just fight her casually until she leaves for area 3.

Area 3:

Breaking the 5th part in area 3 after her 2nd dig in area 2 will trigger KT’s release. Pure damage threshold can also trigger the release. Keep breaking parts and sneaking in horns chip damage. Any damage done to her horns after the horn plating break but prior to the horns chip will carry over to area 4. Any damage done to her head after the horns chip does not carry over into the 4th area and is thus pointless. When she is released you can sneak in tail damage or farcast back to change into your area 4 gear.

Area 4:

After a certain period of time or following a single CC she will enter her fury state. When she does just GTFO. Break her horns but don’t cart. Do not forget to break the tail for the level 17 reward condition. Utilizing CC, you can sleep, paralyze, mount, and KO her at least once. When she rears up, KT can be knocked down with 4 dragon pods to the head. You can preload three dragon pods to her at any point in areas 2 and 3 to allow the 4th pod to flinch her. Using this concept of preloading, you can save and time the 4th pod for area 4 to guarantee a pod KO whenever she rears up. Pod KO video

A very detailed guide on how to make builds for ATKT by my friend Dapperguy86

The spreedsheet which has all of Kulve Taroth’s weapons

Co-Creater: Dapperguy86

Source: Original link

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