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Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth tips and tricks

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth tips and tricks

Just got done with 10 hours of Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth, so here are some observations.

Note: I assume anyone doing this already knows the old standard KT fight so I'm going to only note changes. If you want to know basic strategies search the sub for older topics on how KT's fight goes.

KT is more or less the same but there are a few very subtle tweaks to AI, a few changes to moves, increased speed and damage. I think the pursuit points requirement for Pursuit 5 and 6 were reduced, as it is easily possible to hit Pursuit 6 with just 2 squads, something that was quite annoying to engineer in the past.

Sleep and paralysis resistance is unchanged, but mounting and stunning seem a bit harder than before.

KT's Thunder elemental resistance isn't as crazy as it used to be when the armor isn't molten. It's a dramatic change but still worth triggering the molten phase for increased damage. Damage as a whole on the un-molten armor seems a bit higher than before.

Zone 1: + Cannons now do 450 damage (up from 360) + Falling rocks now do a little over 2600 damage (up from 2500)

Zone 2: + Kulve Taroth gained a new move whereby it blasts a line of flame, then targets again and repeats. Watch out, this move can easily hit for 190 or so damage if it hits you.

Zone 3:

  • No major changes.

Zone 4:

Fury mode (see below)

Fury mode


I'm not certain what triggers this. The loading screen tips suggest breaking parts, but there is something else to this. My current theory is that you need to break a lot of parts, have KT dig to restore the armor, and break it again.

I've seen Fury trigger on a zone 4 mount (after many part breaks). I've seen it trigger after a knockdown. As such, I don't know for sure what triggers it, but the many broken parts is definitely a requirement.


KT in Fury mode is scary. Attacks are incredibly damaging (can sometimes one shot you even at 200hp), and very fast – much faster and stronger than old version KT.

KT gains 1 new move in Fury mode, a sweeping fire breath attack similar to Xenojiiva's sweeping beam. It does stupidly high damage, but can be rolled through with some luck.

As with normal KT, the best approach is to save all crowd control attacks (sleep, stun, paralyze, mount) until zone 4 and lock down KT so it isn't running amok.

Successfully breaking the horns after triggering Fury awards bonus Rainbow Boxes (which are guaranteed to be the new Incandescent weapons).

At the end, no Fury but reward level 17 grants 2(?) Rainbow, and 3 Gold rewards.

Triggering Fury seems to guarantee at least 3 rainbow boxes, but much more common is 4 or 6.

I had one squad mate who somehow managed to get 8 rainbow boxes at the end of a run, but we couldn't find any specific reason for why it happened.

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