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Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros is out!

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The quest, The Undying Alpenglow, is now out and features a Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros, as well as an invading (unfortunately not Arch-Tempered) Nergigante.

What is new about Arch Tempered?
Magma Cores now have a big attack, predictable by the whole core glowing before releasing energy.
In the Barrier Phase, Zorah Magdaros can now use a large Magma Ball attack, which will do approx. 40% of the barriers health.
(This attack leaves Zorah open to be shot in the mouth with a cannon ball, which presumably stops the attack and does damage, however if Zorah pulls of the attack, both cannons will be destroyed preventing the ability to shoot him in the mouth)
The Handler will now describe Zorah as "nowhere close to being weak enough" which means Zorah has 60%-100% (guessing) of it's health left.

Beating the quest will reward Zorah Magdaros Tickets, which can craft the New Zorah γ armor set and Origin layered armor.

Zorah γ Set is as follows

Armor PieceZorah Headgear γZorah Hide γZorah Claws γZorah Spine γZorah Spurs γ
SlotsOne 2-slotThree 1-slotOne 3-slot, One 1-slotOne 3-slot, One 2-slotTwo 3-slot
Skill OneWindproof +2Tremor Resistance +2Earplugs +2Bombardier +2Blast Attack +2
Skill TwoCritical Eye +2NoneNoneCritical Eye +1Critical Eye +1
Materials NeededTicket x1, Heat Scale x5, Pleura x2, Magma x3Ticket x1, Heat Scale x5, Ridge x1, Carapace x4Ticket x1, Ridge x1, Carapace x2, Gem x1Ticket x1, Carapace x4, Pleura x2, Ridge x1Ticket x1, Carapace x5, Magma x2, Ridge x1

Origin Layered Armor requires: Two Zorah Magdaros Tickets, and 5 (I'm guessing Rathalos Carapaces, but I will correct it when I beat the Quest).
Edits: To update with more information

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