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Arch Xeno GS Tips for those who haven’t beaten it and are running out of event time

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Arch Xeno GS Tips for those who haven't beaten it and are running out of event time

If you're like me and refuse to use something other than GS for Arch Xeno and were struggling, then look no further. Here are some tips which stopped me from losing outright and started winning easily.

  1. Do it solo, it may take longer per fight, but Xeno will be more predictable and your buddies may cart a lot.
  2. Full Tremor resistance is a must. Tremors happen constantly; you can be more offensive and less vulnerable.
  3. Crit Draw and Crit Boost; Draw attacks can hit weakpoints quickly before they move across the map. True charge slashes cannot be landed with certainty and you lose precious time charging.
  4. Saw a

    which pointed out that the chest can be flinched easily. This will knock Xeno down for enough time for you to land a True Charge on it's head. The chest is fairly easy to hit with repeated GS draw attacks. Tremor Resistance will allow you to safely pull these off without a sweat.
  5. Vitality and Gobbler saved me from carting a bunch.
  6. Rocksteady for when he's not enraged, Temporal for when he is.
  7. Dump 5 poison smoke bombs on it when it is un-raged and up on its hind legs, because you can't do much damage here anyway with your weapon but poison can. Not sure if this can be repeated.
  8. Dive away from sweeping laser and triple slam volcano blasts. Stay close.
  9. Pick up pods! Useful for when it is in the air.
  10. Use demonpowder etc etc and farcaster if you need to catch a 5 second break.

With the above tips (especially 1-4) I can easily whittle Xeno down with draw attacks in around 25 mins, no sweat, no pressure. If anyone else has any tips or critques, let me know.


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