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Are there any good “not casual” monster hunter podcasts?

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I want to start this post off by saying there is NOTHING WRONG with being casual, and theres NOTHING WRONG with content designed for someone who is. Its perfectly fine! Its just not what im looking for.

I wanted to get into a monster hunter podcast, so I listened to a few episodes of "The Carve" and "Hunters Hub" and during the 2-3 episodes of each that I listened to, the hosts SPECIFICALLY stated they were casual players, and that if you wanted more in-depth, hardcore analysis to go elsewhere. Hosts that call monsters the wrong names, dont know what certain skills do, havent played the older games, dont know how all the weapons work or state they struggle with more simple monsters are all things that im not really looking for. Nothing wrong with being that type of person, its just not what im interested in.


So here I am. Ive searched around a bit and im not sure if what im looking for exists, but its possible that perhaps its just not very popular and buried behind many pages of filler.

Im looking for a monster hunter podcast that has hosts who are very experienced, knowledgeable, and like to talk about some of the deeper technical parts of the games. Not just monster hunter world either, but id love to hear stuff about the older games too, even if its only a small bit every few episodes. Highlighting certain builds, in-depth weapon discussions, monster specific hunting tips and stuff like that from someone who is very experienced would be the dream podcast for me.

Does anything like this exist? Am i the only person in the world who wants this type of content?

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