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Arguably the best Switch Axe balance build? (Super Endgame)

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Arguably the best Switch Axe balance build? (Super Endgame)

(My current build is not complete, I am currently missing my final mighty jewel 3 and have instead added a single level of critical eye)

I have been unable to find any other posts which describe this exact build so i thought I would share it with y'all.

This appears to be a fairly unpopular opinion within the monster hunter community, but I find balance builds to be more reliable, fun to use and more effective than speed run builds that stack attack boost, WE, crit eye, etc. etc .etc. From my experience as a good, but not perfect player, skills like health boost, divine protection and stun resistance greatly increase my uptime and do not leave me vulnerable to being carted for committing a single mistake.

This build utilizes the Master's Touch skill alongside razor sharp, high base affinity, a health regen augmentation, defensive skills and a high upgraded affinity to inflicted good sustained damage throughout a hunt without the need to ever sharpen your weapon. this build achieves 95% affinity when hitting weak spots (10 base + 50 WE + 5 Attack boost + 30 Maximum Might). The build also utilises the newly added Nergigante Greaves Gamma if you're looking for a powerful alternative to the meta Drachen sets. The gear pieces are as follows:

  • Empress Axe 'Styx' (Razor Sharp, Health Regen Augmentation, power phial, high natural white sharpness)
  • Gala Suit Top Hat Alpha (Crit Boost 1)
  • Kaiser Mail Gamma (Latent Power 2, Weakness Exploit 1)
  • Kaiser Vambraces Alpha (Weakness Exploit 2)
  • Kaiser Coil Alpha (Blast Attack 2)
  • Nergigante Greaves Gamma (Attack Boost 3)
  • Health Charm 3 (Health Boost 3)

The required decorations are:

  • Critical Jewel 2 (x2)
  • Attack Jewel 1
  • Blast Jewel 1
  • Mighty Jewel 2 (x3)
  • Protection Jewel 1/ Stun Resist jewel 1 (x3)

Overall, this gives you the following skills

  • Attack Boost 4 (Good raw attack increase needed to offset the low raw of the Empress Axe 'Styx', also a 5% affinity increase which is necessary to increase your sharpness up time)
  • Health Boost 3 (If you're not using this and you often cart in multiplayer hunts, either start using this or stop ruining the fun for others)
  • Blast Attack 3 (Increases the already high 240 Blast of the Empress Axe 'Styx'. procs often and helps to make up for damage lost through the low base raw damage of the axe)
  • Critical Boost 3 (This is a high affinity set so the increase in critical damage will massively increase your DPS)
  • Weakness Exploit 3 (Obvious requirement for any high affinity set. Huge 50% affinity boost to weak points)
  • Maximum Might 3 (Huge 30% affinity bonus which is active for the vast majority of your attacks)
  • Latent Power 2 (Side skill from the chest piece, not very important but the 20% affinity and reduced stamina consumption when the correct conditions are met are always welcome)
  • Divine Blessing/ Stun Resist 3 (This is an optional slot, you have space for 2 level 3 and 1 level 1 jewels, I would advise you choose between these skills. Stun resist is hugely useful if you find yourself often dying from stuns, otherwise divine blessing is very handy. It procs often and has saved me from many arch tempered supernovas and dive bombs. Recovery boost 3 is another option to synergise with the weapon's health augmentation if you're more interested in nullifying the effects of DoT effects)
  • Razor Sharp (Key reason for the weapon choice, mandatory to keep your sharpness up for long hunts)
  • Master's Touch (Abuses the high affinity to massively slow down your sharpness depletion)

Love to hear everyone's opinions on the build/ how it could be improved. I should reiterate, THIS IS NOT A SPEED RUNNING BUILD. This build can also be used for other 'styx' weapon types such as the longsword, SnS etc.

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