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As a Dark Souls junkie, I #$!*ing LOVE Monster Hunter

MonsterHunterWorld8 - As a Dark Souls junkie, I #$!*ing LOVE Monster Hunter

So to preface, I've platinumed every souls game. I own every game for every system it was released on and I've got multiple system accounts so that I don't have to delete old builds (max 4 or 10 save slots depending on game). I love Dark Souls.

Two days ago, I downloaded the Monster Hunter World trial. WOW! I'm not surprised that I like the game, but I'm surprised at how much I like it. It's massive, it's beautiful, it runs so smoothly. But more importantly, the online is AMAZING. Having a Quest Board that lists EVERY person online trying to do coop is a godsend. In Dark Souls you basically have to pray (you found a populated area) and wait (until the 'Unable to join World' message appears).


Now I can see who wants to play at a quick glance, and even better, I can play with ANYONE! I'm hunter rank 3, last night some guy who was hunter rank like 125 joined and started doing hadoukens and electric slams on monsters. He helped me capture like 6 enemies on expedition, which after googling why he kept putting them to sleep, I learned is actually a super cool thing to do. Now I can practice dragons in the arena (whereever that is) and I still got the build materials! I understand DS has to balance for the pvp, but MH feels so much more populated since you can play with anyone your rank or lower.

And the insect glaive. I love this thing so much. I can help fight enemies that take half my health bar in one hit just by carefully staying airborne. I feel like a wasp, flying in and out, slowly stinging my prey to death while a HR300 spams hadoukens and another guy won't stop doing the thumbs up graphic from the sidelines.

Monster Hunter is crazy as hell. I could go on all day, but I really want to play now. If you're a Dark Souls fan curiously perusing the board, this game is definitely for you. Definitely.

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